What 'surprises' Charles Spencer about the royal family revealed

As the brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and an Earl himself, Charles Spencer is no stranger to the royal family.

But one aspect of the royals' lives does surprise the historian and author, as he admitted in a past interview.

Opening up to Vanity Fair back in 2015, Prince William and Prince Harry's uncle expressed his surprise at the immense popularity of the British royal family in America.

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A frequent traveller to America, he shared his thoughts on their popularity across the pond, saying: "I spend a lot of time in the States, and am constantly surprised by the obvious level of interest in our royals". 

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Despite being surprised by the attention the royal family receives in America, the father-of-seven acknowledged the importance of their global influence and how beloved they are at home.

Charles went on: "If I have one of the network TV morning shows on, there is frequently a reference to the British royal family.

diana funeral
diana funeral

Charles with his nephews, the King and Prince Philip at Diana's funeral

"I guess it’s intriguing for Americans to follow individuals from that family; while the whole idea of such a system still flourishing today, in a country that speaks the same language, must seem quaint and fascinating at the same time".

He also said: "The current monarchy is very popular in Britain – polls traditionally say over 80 percent of the population support it – and part of that popularity is emotional, while some of it is a recognition that much of what it stands for today is ceremonial and historical, with limited actual power".

In the interview, Charles went on to talk about his sister's memory and how visitors to the family's ancestral home, Althorp, pay tribute to the late Princess.

earl spencer althorp
earl spencer althorp

Charles looks after the family's ancestral home

"I love it when I get letters from young people who’ve been to Althorp, have learnt about Diana's humanitarian side, and say they've been inspired to do things for the less fortunate. I'm deeply proud that that is part of her legacy."

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Fiercely protective of his late sister's legacy, the 58-year-old took to social media earlier in the week to defend her from claims made by former US President Donald Trump.

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