Superdrug launches range of sanitary products for 'people who menstruate'

Superdrug brand sanitary products in a store in Broadmead, Bristol. (SWNS)
Superdrug brand sanitary products in a store in Broadmead, Bristol. (SWNS)

Superdrug has made a range of sanitary products for ‘people who menstruate’, rather than ‘women’.

Not only are the Luna range of sanitary protection made from organic, plant-based materials and wrapped in plant-based biofilm, the brand is the first to adopt more inclusive language on its packaging.

The description on the packet reads: “A person who menstruates will on average have over 400 periods and use around 11,000 period products in a lifetime.

“However, we understand periods are never average, and so we have created Luna, a range of period products that suit you as an individual.”

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A spokesperson for Superdrug explained that the language move was designed to be more inclusive for all customers who may need sanitary protection: “At Superdrug, we champion inclusivity and diversity, and are committed to ensuring all of our employees, communities and customers feel seen and included when visiting one of our stores or purchasing one of our products.

“Therefore, we wanted Luna to be as inclusive as possible.

“When writing the copy for the products we were aware that there could be customers of this range who are currently transitioning from one sex to another or who identify as Non-Binary but will still be menstruating, alongside the women that use the products.

“We therefore felt ‘person’ was a more inclusive noun to use than ‘woman’.

“We are continuing to review all new products and the language we use throughout the business, to ensure we are being as inclusive as possible.”

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The sharing of images of the Superdrug range on social media, was mostly met with praise.

But some people did express confusion about the product description.

“If you menstruate I'm pretty sure that you are female,” one asked

Another said: “A woman menstruates. Men don't. They physically can’t.”

While another user joked: “Wait until [J.K. Rowling] hears about this.”

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The Harry Potter author has faced a backlash recently after comments she’s made have been accused of being “anti-trans” - and this gender row may be reignited after Superdrug’s move towards inclusivity.

Back in June she was called out on Twitter after criticising use of the phrase “people who menstruate”.

The sanitary towels are also made from plant-based materials. (SWNS)
The sanitary towels are also made from plant-based materials. (SWNS)

One of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities, Mermaids, welcomed the wording change.

The charity’s communications assistant Jake Edwards said: “As a trans person who still experiences periods, I dread the days when my supplies start running low.

“I run through a million scenarios of people staring at me, questioning me, laughing behind my back.

“Now I can confidently walk into a Superdrug and if anyone challenged me I could point to the packet and say ‘look, this is made for me’.

“For many, changes like this might seem pretty small, insignificant even, but for trans people, it can help them feel safe and seen.

“Periods have so much stigma and shame attached to them, especially for trans people.

“For trans men and non-binary people it can be a reminder of something deeply upsetting so anything that combats that can only be a good thing.

“When young trans men are experiencing their first period, making sure they're acknowledged will bring huge relief. At Mermaids, we applaud Superdrug!”

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