Sunday with Samantha Bond: ‘Don’t talk to me before The Archers’

<span>‘We get kisses at Adesso Siciliana, and the menu’s not too big’: Samantha Bond.</span><span>Photograph: Vianney Le Caer/Rex/Shutterstock</span>
‘We get kisses at Adesso Siciliana, and the menu’s not too big’: Samantha Bond.Photograph: Vianney Le Caer/Rex/Shutterstock

Samey Sundays? I have two different Sundays. There’s slobbing-out-Sundays-with-husband. Or I might have invited eight people to lunch.

Sunday start? My children, now in their 30s, have known since they were five that you don’t talk to Mum till after The Archers Omnibus.

Then what? We swing over the river to our favourite restaurant, Adesso Sicilia, in Richmond. My husband and I are very middle-aged – we like to go places where they know who we are. We get kisses and the menu’s not too big, so you don’t have to make too many decisions.

Any housework? Not on a Sunday. Unless I’m doing the other Sunday, when I’m entertaining. It’s only a little house, but the downstairs is open-plan. I like my kitchen to be tidy before people come through the door. We have two cats, so if you Hoover on the Saturday, you’ll be Hoovering again on Sunday.

What are you cooking? I’m not a great cook, but I love to feed. I’m famous for roast potatoes, and my coq au vin.

Who’s invited? Often one of the children often comes with their partner, and I’ll ask four friends. Last Sunday it was only my daughter and son-in-law. They didn’t leave until about 7:30pm, then my husband and I had beans on toast for dinner.

Sundays growing up? My mother and father were both actors. During the week, the dining table would be pushed against a wall. On a Sunday it got pulled out and we’d sit with all these charming, loud, charismatic actors and painters.

Last thing before bed? Brush my teeth. My phone gets put on – this was taught to me by a gorgeous, young assistant director – do not disturb.

Ever slept through a job? Only once I was supposed to be on a morning chat show. I’d gone to sleep in the spare room and by the time I woke up, I’d missed it!

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