Sunday with Andrea Bocelli: ‘I only do what I enjoy, which does not include going to the gym’

<span>Photograph: Andrea Raffin/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Andrea Raffin/Alamy

Sunday morning… I usually wake up around 9am, then head straight out to mass, which starts at 10am. We live by the Tuscan coast in Forte dei Marmi, and our church is only round the corner, so I’ll often walk. Not attending isn’t an option – it’s the day of the Lord.

And afterwards? I get back around midday, then we’ll have lunch as a family. We all follow a strict, healthy diet – even on a Sunday there’s nothing special being served. We are Italians, so there’s pasta, but now it’s made of ancient grains with less gluten. Then I’ll rest, and practise music – studying, singing and playing piano, as I do every day.

Do you cook? Absolutely not. I tried back when I was young – it didn’t go well. On rare occasions I’ll cook for friends. I can pull off a carbonara; anything else feels an unnecessary risk for me and my guests to take.

Sundays growing up? Church with my grandmother. I’d play the organ. And being out in the countryside with friends, getting into trouble. My fondest memories are of chasing after girls – the successful love stories. Getting dates wasn’t easy.

Any exercise? Nope. I’m a very lazy person. In general, I only do what I enjoy, which does not include going to the gym. I do love football, but as a spectator only. Inter Milan is our team. I’ve been obsessed since I was little. Now, I watch with my children.

How do you relax? If I’m not working, I’ll read or invite friends round. I love to play chess, too, mostly online, not that I’m any good, I’m still trying to improve. If the weather is good, I might head out on one of the horses.

Sunday night? If I have a concert, I’ll perform. When you’re a singer, what night of the week it is doesn’t matter. Otherwise, I’m in bed early, around 10pm. I don’t like to be up late. I can’t tell you exactly what I do before I sleep… I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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