People share their worst sunburn pictures to inspire you to slap on the SPF

Sunburn concept. Young woman with red sunburned skin on her back.
Sunburn concept. Young woman with red sunburned skin on her back.

Chris Pratt has struck a chord with us all after sharing a picture of his sunburn.

The 40-year-old ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor sustained some painful-looking burns during his honeymoon with new wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

He shared an image of his bright red sunburn, complete with white tan lines, on Instagram earlier this week to his 26.2 million followers. It has received over two million likes.

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But, as we get into the full flow of the summer months, Pratt isn’t the only one among us to underestimate the scorching power of the sun.

People are sharing their worst sunburn fail images on Twitter – with very questionable tan lines.

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From lobster hues to peeling and blistered skin, people are sharing their non-so-sun-kissed complexions.

So how can you avoid your stint in the sun turning into a pain-inducing memory you’d rather forget?

The NHS website offers guidelines on how to stay safe in the sunshine.

Firstly, make sure you avoid the sun between the hottest hours of 11am-3pm.

When you are out in the sun, cover up with suitable clothing and sunscreen.

Make sure you apply at least factor 30 sunscreen in sufficient amounts (two teaspoons for your head, arms and neck, or two tablespoons for your whole body if you’re wearing a swimming costume).

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And if you’re already too far gone?

First off, get out of the sun as soon as possible, says NHS advice.

Have a cool shower or bath to cool your skin, and then apply aftersun cream or aloe vera.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, and consider taking paracetamol or ibuprofen for the pain.

The sunburn should usually subside within seven days.