How to make a flower crown in 5 ways

how to make a flower crown
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Nothing marks the arrival of summer days in a more fashionable way than making and wearing a flower crown. They’re the ultimate style statement, bringing romance to wedding-wear, marking summer solstice traditions on the longest day of the year, and they’ve also become a colourful symbol of summer festivals.

Flower crowns are incredibly impressive and thankfully they aren’t as complicated a craft to make as they look. In fact, they’ve become a staple project for anyone planning a DIY wedding and doing a flower crown making workshop together is a great activity for a hen party celebration.

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Whether you’re getting married or know someone who is and are looking to help them with their wedding crafting, making flower crowns is a great starting point. For weddings, flower crowns are typically worn by the bride and bridesmaids but there’s also nothing sweeter than seeing a dainty flower girl crown worn by children.

This is the perfect craft for anyone who enjoys creating beautiful flower arrangements or drying flowers. But don’t worry if you haven’t tried anything like this craft before, the secret is in the choice of flowers you use as they will define the overall aesthetic.

Blooming beautiful – 5 handmade flower crown ideas

Whether you’re a lover of flower crown headbands or would like to make a classic flower crown, there are different ways you can make your dream design. You don’t need to have experience in floristry, and if you prefer not to use cut flowers, there are plenty of crafty options to suit your own interests. Here are five easy flower crown ideas to make and some of the basic supplies you'll need in your craft kit to make one.

How to make a flower crown using fresh flowers

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh flowers (buy a pre-made bunch or pick your own)

  • Floral and green wire and cutters

How to make it:
For this fresh flower crown you can use any type of flowers, though it's common to stick with seasonal flowers as they're easier to get hold of. Cut them down, arrange them into small bunches and hold them together by tying green wire at the bottom. You can then attach these around a base frame made from wire. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and video over at Tikkido to have a go yourself.

TIP: A fresh flower crown should last around eight hours however you can help the blooms stay looking healthy and prevent them from wilting too soon by keeping them spritzed throughout the day with a water spray bottle.

How to make a dried flower crown

What you’ll need:

How to make it:
Dried flower crowns have a wonderful vintage feel to them and are perfect for weddings. To make this crown you simply need to cut your flowers to make lots of small bunches. These are then attached to a wire frame. For step-by-step instructions visit the blog of AFloral.

TIP: Instead of buying dried flowers why not try making your own? See our tutorial for how to dry flowers.

How to make a flower crown using paper flowers

What you’ll need:

  • Crepe paper

  • Wire and cutters

  • Hot glue gun

  • Scissors

  • Cotton balls

  • Craft paint and brush

How to make it:
Craft and interiors blogger Lars shares a simple tutorial on how to make this paper flower crown on her blog House That Lars Built. She starts by making a round base using wire that's twisted together.

The base is then wrapped with green crepe paper. The flowers, petals and leaves are made individually and glued together, with the cotton ball forming the bud in the middle. The result is a flower crown that looks chic and is made on a budget.

TIP: There are many different ways to make paper flowers, you can also use tissue paper, ordinary printer paper or origami paper. Try our papercrafts tutorial on how to make origami paper flowers.

Why not buy a paper or faux flower making kit to help you make the flowers for your flower crown? You'll receive everything you need to make colourful crafty blooms.

How to make a flower crown using faux flowers

What you’ll need:

  • Silk flowers

  • Floral wire

  • Hot glue gun

  • Scissors or pliers

How to make it:
Twist several pieces of wire together to make the base for this artificial flower crown. To prepare the flowers you'll need to carefully pull each flower off its stem. Trim off any ends if needed and then glue them all around the base. It's as easy as that!

TIP: Vary the shape of your flower crown. Faux flowers also look good on a headband with flowers styled to one size. Or if you fancy going for a dramatic design, like the heavy headpieces worn during Day of the Dead celebrations, don't stop at one layer of flowers, keep building until you have a height you're happy with it. It's all about having fun and experimenting.

How to make a crochet flower crown

What you’ll need:

  • Wool

  • Crochet hook

  • Scissors

How to make it:
This crochet flower crown project involves making individual crochet roses and leaves and then attaching two crocheted ribbons at the ends so that it can be warn. Designer Jenny has created a free craft tutorial which you can follow to have a go yourself.

TIP: You can also turn crochet flowers into a headband. Simple take an existing headband, crochet some single flowers and stick them on top of the band. Follow our video tutorial for how to make crochet flowers.

Loved these projects? Why not try making a flower wreath to decorate your door too – or check out the gorgeous tulip crochet stitch.

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