These Stylish Walk-in Closets Are the Stuff of Every Fashionista’s Daydreams

in the center of a walk in closet is a dark wood bench and a patterned rug, along the walls are sections with hanging clothing, drawers below, shelves, and storage cubbies with colored handbags above
40 Stylish Walk-in Closets Kelly Marshall

There’s no space more sacred than a fashionista’s closet. Here, the options laid out before her are the tools with which she demonstrates her evolving identity: a silk scarf for the days she must conjure poise; a pair of Chanel shades to imbue Anna Wintour-like confidence; and those high-waisted, perfectly worn-in Levi’s that rights every missed gym day. All essential items that deserve their place in the spotlight—that is, a spectacular closet.

It doesn’t matter how small it is, if you have a closet that you can take at least one step into, we see potential. While a custom walk-in closet can cost upwards of $10,000, there are a surfeit of budget-friendly touch-ups you can give to the space to create the wardrobe of your dreams. In fact, after tapping our favorite designers for walk-in closet inspiration, we’re convinced that such a space could be your favorite room in the house. “A well-designed closet gives you the illusion of walking into a jewel box each morning.” says Nashville-based designer Roger Higgins. “Having a good-sized walk-in closet means that you have the luxury of having everything at your fingertips—easily accessible and organized.”

If you’re wondering how that actually works if your wardrobe skews more cupboard than closet, Higgins suggests bringing in a gorgeous wallpaper or lacquering the walls and ceiling for an immediate impact. “We also like to include architectural details that mirror those in the rest of the house, so that the closet feels connected to the main spaces,” he explains. “A beautiful ceiling fixture can feel unexpected and luxurious in a small space, so we often include a showstopping chandelier or pendant.”

If there’s space, Chicago-based designer Brynn Olson likes to take it to the next level, bringing in a small washer and dryer and an area dedicated for a steamer—with electrical and easy storage so that everything can be plugged in and ready to go.

Of course, one can’t talk about closet hacks without mentioning closet organization, which is equal parts aesthetics and function. Higgins says he likes to bring in a small dressing table or vanity so there’s a place for makeup, jewelry, and accessories. “We also like the idea of closets within closets,” he notes, referring to compartments with doors. “It adds an additional level of organization and allows clients to easily close off areas that may feel cluttered.” Olson also likes to add valet rods for outfit planning and end of day organization, as well as drawers lined with suede, leather, or velvet for your finer things such as jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and small accessories.

Feeling inspired? We haven’t even begun showing you the eye candy. These 40 walk-in closet ideas from ELLE DECOR’s most stylish designers are everything you need to give your walk-in closet catwalk-like energy. As for how many Louis Vuitton bags you can justify buying in one season, that’s between you and your bank account.

Haute Couture Closet

What happens when designer Joe Nahem and fashionista Christian Siriano are given full reign over the walk-in closet of a sky-high penthouse in New York? Sartorial magic. This Verona limestone-clad closet features a Saint-Louis chandelier and Alfonso Marina bench. The clothing and accessories are, of course, by Siriano. We’re swooning.

in the center of a walk in closet is a dark wood bench and a patterned rug, along the walls are sections with hanging clothing, drawers below, shelves, and storage cubbies with colored handbags above
Kelly Marshall

Glossy Walk-in Closet

Consider giving your walk-in closet a touch of glamour. Need inspiration? In its previous incarnations, Sex and the City creator Darren Star's New York loft was an unarticulated hybrid of styles that had, as its architect Lee Mindel recalls, “lost its sense of New York City loftness.” No longer: “My intent was to reference West Side Story.” The doors in the sleek primary closet are so glossy that the fire escape is reflected on them. Who needs a floor-length mirror when your walls will do the trick?

Room, Property, Interior design, Furniture, Floor, House, Building, Architecture, Home, Material property,
Richard Powers

Wooded Walk-in Closet

Warm wood and neutral tones make for a fitting closet scheme, allowing your favorite colorful outfits to stand out. We're obsessed with this warm-toned dressing room in this California home, which features a trifold mirror, Therien bench, and Japanese paper lantern. Here, getting dressed might possibly be more entertaining than the occasion itself.

Furniture, Room, Door, Building, Interior design, Cupboard, Architecture, Wardrobe, Automotive exterior, House,
Trevor Tondro

Blushing Dressing Room

Since Benjamin Moore named Raspberry Blush their 2023 color of the year, it seems to be taking the design world by a storm—and we're here for it. ELLE DECOR A-List firm Studio Shamshiri gave this expansive closet a total pink overhaul, but it doesn’t feel oversaturated, thanks to organic vases and wood storage units.

studio shamshiri elle decor
Stephen Kent Johnson

Black Walk-in Closet

This ultra-glamorous closet in New York makes a convincing case for going to the dark side. ELLE DECOR A-List designer Danielle Colding brought in a round mirror, custom cabinetry, and Fromental wallpaper. When style begins with your closet, you've got the best starting point.

a dressing room has built in black wood cabinets and drawers which have a dark gray marble top, between upper cabinets and drawers is a round mirror hung against an asian style mural and white glass sconces
Kelly Marshall

Showroom-Energy Closet

No shelving, no problem. In Mara Brock Akil's Los Angeles home, an entire room is transformed into a showroom-like space that gives an impressive clothes collection the space to breathe. The midcentury sofa and Italian mohair lounge chair create a fitting place to perch, amid outfit deliberations.

mara brock akil elle decor
Kelly Marshall

Textured Closet

Textured glass is an elevated way to bedeck closet doors to create the illusion of more space while provided blessed stuff-it-all-in-there-and-nobody-will-see potential. For those interested in giving their closet a similar touch-up, baking soda and paint create a similarly textured look. We especially love design duo Husband Wife's use of beveled edges and curved window corners that add a softness to this all-wood space.

husband wife house tour
Nicole Franzen

Sunshine Yellow Walk-in

Leave it to an accessories creative director to make the most of a closet space. Marc Valeanu gave the walk-in closet of his posh Parisian apartment the chicest upgrade that didn't hold back in any way when it comes to color. Ebullient yellow walls and curtains are set against a fire-engine-red rug that feels unexpected in the best of ways.

in a yellow dressing room is a large window with yellow curtains, an armoire filled with tens of leather handbags on shelves, patterned oval ottoman with a red bag atop, dog shaped handbag on floor, red rug
Trevor Tondro

Smoked Glass Walk-in Closet

Looking for a creative way to conceal your colorful clothes? Artisan smoked glass, made from actual smoke residue, lends the closet doors of this Parisian apartment a refined finish. Give your closet a similar look with matte gray chalk paint.

two sides of a walk in closet have three mirrored doors each, wood floors, small brass pendants, a pink chair with burgundy cushion, a closeup photo portrait of a young woman, and a carved wooden entry door
Stephan Juillard

Chic Open Shelving Walk-in Closet

We love a dressing room that has a decidedly handsome feel. In this San Francisco abode, Nicole Hollis brings a stately elegance to this closet. The open shelving allows for easy retrieval of items so your biggest worry is whether to pair that blazer with designer pumps or some low-key Doc Martens.

in the dressing room at left sits a vanity with a mirror and sconces, in the center is a large chest of drawers, and in the back and along right are open closets for hanging clothing and compartments for storage
Douglas Friedman

Contemporary Walk-in Closet

Forget walking a day in someone else's shoes, we want to spend a day in someone else's dressing room—especially if it looks this stylish. The closet echoes the rest of ELLE DECOR A-List designer Cliff Fong's midcentury-meets-contemporary Los Angeles home aesthetic, complete with a generous use of warm wood shelving. “A lot of my inspiration comes from nature,” says Fong, who calls himself an “armchair botanist.”

walk in closet
William Abranowicz

Closet of Pink Dreams

Take inspiration from the greats and give your dressing room a sistine chapel-like energy. In this California home, ELLE DECOR A-List designer Ken Fulk swathed the ceiling and back wall in a Timorous Beasties wallcovering. A bright pink bench upholstered in a Pierre Frey fabric grounds the space while adding a touch of bedazzlement.

Douglas Friedman

Artistic Walk-in Closet

Guests of this elegant closet could easily assume they're inhabiting an art-filled room—that is, until the closets panels open to reveal an entire wardrobe. Designer Anna Sui’s Greenwich Village pad makes the closet doors a design showstopper, complete with Venetian mirrors and hand-stenciled designs.

White dressing room with mirror panels
Miguel Flores-Vianna

Upcycled Antiques Walk-in Closet

Are you a shameless antique addict? Consider reusable items for a creative and bespoke walk-in closet moment. In this San Antonio house, client Stacey Hill and architect Vicki Yuan of Lake | Flato collaborated to create a closet door stand-in from a handful of special vintage pieces. “These were Chinese folding screens that our client already owned (she found it at an estate sale), and it was her idea to turn them into closet doors in her new home,” shares the architect. “It was a great moment when we realized they would fit perfectly in the space, and we were excited to make them a highlight of her dressing room.” Estate sale shopping, anyone?

lake flato san antonio house
Douglas Friedman

Walk in to this Wallpaper Haven

Designer Roger Higgins knows a think or two about designing a walk-in closet. And one of his latest projects is living proof. Here, the walls feature a gentle mauve botanical print that is sandwiched by dark wood hues for depth and dimension. It’s Carrie Bradshaw energy at its finest.

walkin closet
Courtesy R. Higgins

Blooming Walk-in Closet

Needing one room in the house that is an escape? The dressing room of this Manhattan apartment is that and more. “The doors are covered with de Gournay Plum Blossom wallpaper, a design inspired by a painted silk Kimono—very fitting for a dressing room and beautifully tranquil,” shares designer Emily Todhunter. “This was a very multifunctional dressing room, so we wanted the closets to not just be practical but to create a beautifully romantic space where the client could both dress and work.” BRB, we're living out our sartorial fantasy.

a room with white doors and shelves
Francesco Lagnese

Red Walk-in Closet

If ever you needed proof to click "add to cart" on the Schumacher site, look no further than this bold red walk-in closet, which ELLE DECOR A-List legend Martyn Lawrence Bullard swathed in the company's red wallpaper. The rest of the space followed en suite, creating a haven of rich red hues—just the backdrop for those red-bottom heels.

room, interior design, property, floor, furniture, ceiling, interior design, wall, home, light fixture,
William Waldron

Lacquered Black Walk-in Closet

Give your closet the ultimate transformation—with lacquered panels. In this SoHo residence, lacquered panels transform the cabinetry into a sleek statement moment. For an extra personal touch, designer Nicole Fuller used cabinetry made of carbon fiber—a homage to her client, a former race car designer.

walk in closet
Nicole Fuller Interiors

Fantastical Walk-in Closet

For Minna Parikka, the Finnish shoe designer behind those playful bunny trainers you've seen on the feet of celebs like Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner, the closet is the most important room in the house. Little surprise, then, that stepping into hers is like being transported to another world. "I wanted to create a home that looks 100 percent like me and that does not follow the usual Nordic home design," she tells ELLE DECOR. "I love creating worlds that are filled with fantasy and escape from the mundane." We just might never choose to return to reality.

minna parikka
Katri Kapanen

Gilded-Details Closet

Lisa Adams, the CEO of LA Closet Design, has spent more than a decade crafting closets for celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian, and Tyra Banks. But her own closet space might be her most impressive project yet. Observe: clothes hanging upon guilded bars, a shelf for hats, and a chandelier that practically belongs in the new Tiffany store.

Room, Interior design, Furniture, Property, Ceiling, Building, Closet, Living room, House, Design,
Meghan Beierle-O’Brien Courtesy of L.A. Closet Design

Airy Walk-inCloset

The 2020 San Francisco decorator showcase is an inspiring reminder that much can be done in a space under a short amount of time. Here, K Interiors merged luxe materials and organic shapes for an elegant look. The soft gray palette, combined with brass accents and natural oak, is everything our fashionista hearts desire for a clothes backdrop.

san francisco decorator showcase

The It-Girl Walk-In Closet

Create a division between your closet and bedroom with sliding doors that—bonus—have mirrors on them. "This is my little oasis," says Swedish It-girl Babba C. Rivera. "I have a chair by the window, and sometimes I just sit in there planning trips or outfits, or preparing for a shoot."

babba c rivera apartment tour
Birgitta Wolfgang Bjørnvad/ The Sisters Agency

Light and Bright Walk-In Closet

How do you make a 20,000-square-foot home feel intimate? Dedicate an entire room to clothes, of course. In this grand Bel Air estate, designer Lonni Paul opts for a light-and-bright room that features glossy cabinetry, open shelving, and an opulent glass chandelier.

Shelf, Room, White, Furniture, Interior design, Property, Building, Shelving, Wall, Ceiling,
Lisa Romerein

White Walk-In Closet

The owner of this dressing room in Washington D.C. is ready for her glam moment at any time. Tufted seating and museum-quality statues bring a touch of sophistication to this closet of dreams.

Wood, Room, Interior design, Floor, Wall, Flooring, Furniture, Bed, Bedroom, Linens,
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Gray Walk-In Closet

Designer Jay Jeffers pulled out all the stops on this San Francisco project. The palette of cool grays and desaturated blues makes for a cocoon-like space that nearly glows in the natural light.

room, furniture, interior design, property, lighting, mirror, wall, bedroom, bed, building,
Matthew Millman

Pink Walk-In Closet

You had us at two bookshelves for heels. This dazzling space in New Jersey's horse country is a total pink dream. The silk-lined custom poufs sit beside a chic Art Deco desk. All overseen by a larger-than-life pendant. Barbie herself would be jealous.

cullman and kravis pink dressing room
Eric Piasecki

Playful Walk-In Closet

When up-and-coming model Maya Henry moved into her two-bedroom Mayfair flat, the fashionista knew a space without a closet simply wouldn't do. The upstairs study was transformed into a closet, complete with a vanity and playful artwork by Alec Monopoly. Now that's better!

maya henry lucinda loya london flat elle decor
Gianni Franchellucci

Hat-tastic Walk-in Closet

If you, like hotelier Alan Faena hvae a penchant for hats—consider creating a dedicated shelf zone for such accessories. In the master bedroom closet in his flamboyant Miami beach home, Faena did just that, so he can don whatever headgear he wants at the drop of a hat.

alan faeda miami beach home
Douglas Friedman

Palm Beach Closet Vibes

For some, unrestrained feminine flair is what makes a closet. When revamping her midcentury gem, Caroline Rafferty gave her walk-in closet a glittering chandelier and a pink ceiling. Because a colorful backdrop is nothing if not good company for a pattern-filled wardrobe.

walk in closet with a leaf back chair next to a window and lots of white drawers and shelving for clothes and a colorful jacket with blue pompoms draped over the drawers in the foreground as well as a archive boxes and other clothes
Carmel Brantley

Classic Walk-In Closet

A white-on-white closet can be a welcome palette cleanser. Take, for instance, this farmhouse dressing room, which features geometric artwork, a tufted bench, and a less-is-more Cowtan & Tout wallcovering. One class act.

connecticut house
Nick Johnson

Minimal Sky Blue Walk-In Closet

Who said having the blues was a bad thing? This sky blue closet in a Rhode Island home designed by Anderson Alexander Architects promises to bring a little joy to the outfit-planning process.

light blue closets and open shelving in a light wash wood floor and a small gray settee with a pair of pink pumps on them and a skinny window behind it and a complementary skinny mirror next to that
Max Burkhalter

Shabby Chic Walk-in Closet

Keri Russell's Brooklyn brownstone closet is everything a fashionista needs to be inspired on the daily. This light-filled space features custom built-in shelves and a large mirror that creates the added illusion of space—all the while showing off a flattering figure.

deary built the shelves in the dressing room the rug is by shaw floors and the linen upholstered chair is by john derian
William Waldron

Millwork Closet Cabinetry

This seven-bedroom beach house is designed to look like a factory from the Industrial Revolution. Little surprise, then, that the closet is similarly stunning. In this handsome closet, customized millwork is punctuated by Raleigh Pull hardware and vintage sconces. The very definition of dapper.

jesse parrislamb industrial house
Nicole Franzen

Well Lit Walk-In Closet

Can you have too many LED lights? This walk-in closet ventures to convince us otherwise. In this wood-paneled space, every item is on view with museum-worthy lighting and framing. Because closet design can be oh-so illuminating.

dressing room interior with shoes, bags and hanging clothes
onurdongel - Getty Images

Tray Ceiling Walk-In Closet

When the house's architectural flourishes speak for themself, all that is needed is a tasteful wallcovering and fabulous seating. Case in point: This walk-in closet—with its own stunning tray ceiling— is proof that style trumps square footage.

simon watson
Simon Watson

Cream-Colored Closet

Is this a study or a closet? With furnishings and shelving this elegant, we could be fooled. Leave it to Steven Gambrel to give this Chicago-based dressing room the royal treatment, complete with velvet furnishings and color-coordinated artwork. We're swooning.

art deco apartment steven gambrel
Douglas Friedman

Light Pink Closet

Love pink but avoid the saccharine? Take notes from design firm Husband Wife's renovation of this double-spired Upper West Side co-op; They chose to give the 1930 residence a contemporary twist. This involved soft pink cabinetry and textured gray flooring. Here, the clothes are simply second fiddle, no matter how lavish.

a plant in a vase on a cabinet
Chris Mottalini

Minimalist Wood-Paneled Walk-In Closet

The designer of this fashionable wood-lined closet knows the most important part of one's ensemble. An entire wall dedicated to footwear is the standout design vignette in this stylish space. The very definition of fashion forward!

a white shelf with shoes and a white pillow
Astronaut Images

Organized Closet

This walk-in closet is an organizers daydream. With storage options from the floor to the ceiling, those oversized winter coats will haunt your summertime closet no more.

beautiful dressing room in a large house

Color-Coordinated Closet

Just like that killer outfit, this closet is effortlessly trendy. The white backdrop and natural lighting makes for an iconic space that will always be in style.

dreamy feminine wardrobe with white furniture, big mirror, shoe closet, beige carpet, blue retro armchair and pastel pink accessories

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