David Seaman's impressive weight loss - how the former footballer lost a stone

Former footballer David Seaman has revealed all about his recent weight loss - and it's all down to Harry Redknapp! The goalkeeping star will star as one of 'Harry's Heroes' in the new TV show, and appeared on both Good Morning Britain and Loose Women on Monday to talk about his new fitness journey. David, who met his wife Frankie during his stint on Dancing On Ice, told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid of the new programme: "I lost just under a stone. It does work."


David and wife Frankie

He later added that though he remained active after retiring from football, he did gain some weight. "We still skate. Me and my wife Frankie we go out every week," he said. "You know I go bike riding, stuff like that - I enjoy the exercise. But when you finish football, if you carry on eating the same you're gonna put weight on."

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Harry's Heroes: The Full English will air on ITV on Monday night, and sees the I'm A Celebrity champion attempt to whip into shape the likes of David and other former professional footballers, using today's training techniques. The goalie and wife Frankie also appeared on Loose Women to speak more about their active lifestyle.

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David said again of his diet: "When you finish football, you think you can carry on eating what you did as a footballer. You're eating a lot of calories, then when you stop the training you start thinking, 'oh wait a minute, let's get on the scale'. Even at Arsenal we used to get weighed every week. I still had that habit, I was always aware (of my weight)."


The couple married in 2015

He added: "Then when I started doing the programme I started weighing myself every day. And it was working, it was almost like going back to the Arsene Wenger diet - it was strict. I felt lots better. We were doing a lot of different exercises, which was strange for us… times have changed and moved on. It's massively different now."

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Frankie also reiterated how the couple have always enjoyed exercising together. "We're both retired athletes, so we're painfully aware of how easy it is when you give up skating or give up football to lose your fitness levels and get out of shape," she said. "So we do try every week to do something that kind of keeps us on the go, gets our heart rate up… especially as you're getting older it's really important that you look after your body."