Confirmed: Shower Curtains Have More Germs Than Your Toilet

Photo credit: The Washington Post - Getty Images
Photo credit: The Washington Post - Getty Images

From House Beautiful

My bladder has led me to some pretty questionable public restrooms, where I've certainly thought about all the germs by bottom was being exposed to. As it turns out, though, toilet seats aren't actually the most germ-infested surfaces in a bathroom. And while public restrooms can get pretty grimy, the bathrooms in our homes aren't as sterile as we may like to think. In fact, as I embark on my spring cleaning, I'm going to focus particularly on scrubbing my bathroom's shower, and maybe even pick up a new curtain for it (I mean, these are pretty chic!).

That's because recently conducted a study on germs in our bathrooms by surveying over 500 people on their washroom habits. The study shed a light on some interesting facts: 81 percent of men and 73 percent of women pee in the shower, 61 percent of people have had sex in the shower, and almost one-third of people brush their teeth in the shower. Why is this important? Well, because all of these activities are cultivating germs in our showers. So basically, the one place in the home that is supposed keep us clean us is actually super dirty?

The study broke down the different bacteria types, noting which ones are harmful and which ones aren't. Then, bathrooms surfaces were ranked based on the amounts of harmful bacteria amount they had on them. The most germ-infested surface was the shower curtain followed by the shower floor. So yes, even though we may think that the water washes away everything, germs tend to cling onto our shower curtains and live on our floors. Maybe it wasn't so crazy that we wore flip-flips in the showers in college!

The list of germiest surfaces continues: number three is your toothbrush handle, number four is the toilet seat, number five is the sink faucet handle, and number six is the interior door handle! Eeep! Hopefully this study will convince us all to scrub a little harder. Or... umm, at least stop releasing our body fluids in the shower.

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