Studious Prince William's 90s Eton bedroom was worlds apart from Prince Harry's

Prince Harry, King Charles and Prince William in suits at Eton College
Prince Harry, King Charles and Prince William at Eton College in 2000 (Anwar Hussein)

Prince William has shared glimpses inside the beautiful interiors of the homes he's shared with his wife Princess Kate, but his Eton College accommodation was not nearly as luxurious.

Differing greatly from his younger brother Prince Harry's room, which was a kaleidoscope of colour, the Prince of Wales had a very muted bedroom that kept all focus on his studies. In classic 90s style, William's private room featured a white desk topped with his chunky computer monitor, a keyboard and a matching desk lamp.

Prince William studying at Eton College
The Prince shared a peek inside his studious bedroom (Getty)

Papers and folders had been neatly stacked to one side of the desk, while the Prince had displayed more important letters on the pinboard.

Decorations appeared to be minimal, with the only hints of colour coming from the green tartan tablecloth where a small TV and wired telephone were positioned beside the window, and the delicate pastel blue and white geometric print curtains.

Prince William On His First Day At Eton College
Prince William attended Eton College from 1995 to 2000 (Getty)

William may have added more personal touches outside of the shot, but his bedroom appeared stark and practical compared to Harry's. The Duke of Sussex also chose to join around 50 other pupils in one of Eton's 25 houses on campus.


Before leaving college in 2003, he posed for photos in his poster-covered bedroom, lounging on a leather chair between a wooden desk and chest of drawers in the same light oak colour.

Exterior shot of Eton College
Prince Harry also attended Eton (Maureen McLean/Shutterstock)

The surfaces had been covered with a CD player, speakers, mugs, books and trinkets, including a special black and white framed photograph of his late mother Princess Diana taken by Mario Testino.

A red, blue and black striped material was draped across the chest of drawers, a red patterned tapestry hung on the wall and an England flag was displayed on his noticeboard.

Prince Harry Eton bedroom
The Duke of Sussex had a colourful bedroom (Getty)

Further photos of William's accommodation have revealed a few glimpses of colour outside of his bedroom. For example, the kitchen featured yellow and white walls and blue and yellow curtains covering a hatch that led into the living room – perfect for socialising with friends.

William left Eton College and moved into St Salvator's Hall of Residence at St Andrews University in Scotland, which also happened to be Princess Kate's accommodation. They went on to live together with several other friends for their final two years of studies, although no photos of how they decorated the interiors of their Uni homes have been released.

Prince William, accompanied by his father Prince Charles, greets crowds on arrival at St. Andrew's University
Kate and William met at the University of St Andrews (Getty)

In their second year, William and Kate joined two friends in a rented Victorian terraced house near the University. It is believed that their love story began while living in this property, where Kate joked her future husband tried to impress her with his cooking skills.

Finally, the Prince and Princess – who now live in Anmer Hall with their three children – escaped the media attention around their relationship by moving into a four-bedroom cottage called Balgove House on the Strathtyrum Estate in their final year.

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