Stuck on an easy dinner idea? Couscous is the answer!

best couscous recipes
The best couscous recipesHearst Owned

We adore couscous. It's so easy to cook, it's versatile and can withstand so many different flavours. We particularly love to serve it as a big salad with all our favourite additions like grilled halloumi, chopped soft herbs and beetroot, but it's incredibly delicious served in our tandoori lamb recipe where the couscous is mixed through the lamb juices at the end - we're drooling just thinking about it!

Tandoori Lamb with Couscous Pilaf

Wait until you try this show-stopping lamb dish. The couscous pilaf is mixed through the delectable lamb juices at the end.

Recipe: Tandoori Lamb with Couscous Pilaf

tandoor lamb with couscous pilaf
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Harissa Butterbeans with Herby Couscous

Couscous makes the perfect side dish for a saucy dish like these spiced harissa butterbeans.

Recipe: Harissa Butterbeans with Herby Couscous

harissa butterbeans with herbed couscous
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Halloumi Couscous

This simple salad uses pre-cooked beetroot, black olives and sultanas, mixed through fluffy couscous grains.

Recipe: Halloumi Couscous

halloumi couscous salad
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Heirloom Tomato & Giant Couscous

This dish screams summer on a plate! Make sure you use the best tomatoes you can (peak summer tomatoes are best here) and will be the hero of the dish.

Recipe: Heirloom Tomato & Giant Couscous

heirloom tomato and giant couscous
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Lamb Kofta with Broccoli Couscous

This clever dish has grated broccoli mixed through couscous so it's perfect for kids to get their greens in.

Recipe: Lamb Kofta with Broccoli Couscous

lamb kofta with broccoli couscous
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Smoked Mackerel and Giant Couscous Salad

Smoked mackerel is our cheat's ingredient when we want to ramp up the flavour to a dish. We've paired the flaky fish with plump giant couscous.

Recipe: Smoked Mackerel and Giant Couscous Salad

smoked mackerel and giant couscous salad
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Roasted Vegetable Couscous

Roast any vegetables you like in this adaptable recipe that gets tossed with fresh lemon juice and creamy pine nuts.

Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Couscous

roasted vegetable couscous
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Couscous Paella

Not authentic one bit, but still just as delicious. Wait until you see how speedy this 'paella' is.

Recipe: Couscous Paella

couscous paella
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Spiced Cranberry Couscous

This makes a delicious Christmas side, or if you find yourself with some leftover cranberries, give it a go!

Recipe: Spiced Cranberry Couscous

spiced cranberry couscous
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Watercress Couscous with Lemon Dressing

Make the most of in-season watercress and use it in this simple couscous salad with a zesty lemon dressing.

Recipe: Watercress Couscous with Lemon Dressing

green couscous with lemon dressing
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Fruity Couscous

Throw in any dried fruit you fancy in this fruit and fresh couscous. We've used pomegranate jewels and crunchy cucumber, but dried apricots would work equally as well.

Recipe: Fruity Couscous

fruity couscous
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Lemon Chicken Couscous

Vibrant and full of spring-like flavours, this lemon chicken with couscous is an easy way to get your greens in and make your gut happy!

Recipe: Lemon Chicken Couscous

lemon chicken couscous
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Harissa Chicken Couscous

Spiced with rose harissa, chicken breasts are grilled until juicy and tender and topped on a giant couscous salad.

Recipe: Harissa Chicken Couscous

harissa chicken couscous
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