Strongbow rosé cider is now a thing

We're dreaming about the summer. (Heineken UK)
We're dreaming about the summer. (Heineken UK)

It’s safe to say that most of the UK is dreaming about the warmer weather of summertime.

Given that most of us can’t remember what heat feels like, Strongbow has served up a little dose of summer delight and we’re here for it.

Its new rosé cider looks equal parts refreshing and delicious. It has beer garden staple written all over it.

The new beverage is made from red apples, giving it a deliciously sweet taste.

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We don’t have to wait around until summer to get our hands on this drink, either.

In fact, it’s out now in ASDA and Morrison’s. Available for £1.50 for 500ml - or in packs of four for £5.25 and 10 for £12.

If you put the heating on and close your eyes, you could enjoy this while pretending you’re on a warm beach somewhere.

Hey, why not go one step further and order in some sand for your living room? We wonder if Amazon will do a next-day sand delivery.

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If ASDA or Morrison’s aren’t your usual supermarkets, never fear. From April, the drinks will be available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s, too.

Strongbow is a little late to the party as far as a rosé option goes, though.

Capitalising on our rosé-loving ways, Kopparberg released a version last summer. Magners also has pink cider - which is available at some UK pubs. It’s pretty much the same thing, all but the name.

Still, we’re not complaining. The more refreshing drink options available the better.

We’re envisaging this served with a big helping of ice and an even bigger helping of fruit.

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If your dry January has turned into more of a dry 2020, you won’t be missing out.

The non-alcoholic drink options available this summer are refreshingly plentiful.

Kopparberg might be bringing out some fantastic alcoholic options, but it’s certainly paying close attention to its non-alcoholic range, too.

Its non-alcoholic version of its summery cider tastes pretty much identical to its alcoholic counterpart.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit tastes so good you’ll be wishing that dry January really did go on all year.

Strongbow’s new beverage has the same ABV of 4% - like the rest of its cider selection.

Now we’ve got you suitably geared up for the summer, perhaps a trip to ASDA or Morrison’s is in order.

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