Strike AI pose: digital humans created by artificial intelligence could replace supermodels

A German company has launched a system that could see supermodels replaced by state-of-the-art 'digital humans'.

ColorDigital GmbH claim DMIx StudioAvatars have a 'never seen before' photorealistic quality. The digi-models, which come with names including Joy, Nina, Noah and Theo, can be customised and individualised to a brand's preference.

There is also the option for real models, such as Kate Moss or Kaia Gerber, to licence their likenesses. They can either be recreated completely digitally or have a scan done of their entire body.

The figures can be dressed in any form of clothing, including underwear, and a so-called Accessory Library offers items like shoes and jewellery to complete a look. Any lighting effect can be used and backdrops can be tailored in a real-time CAD (computer-aided design) environment. ColorDigital believes this end-to-end digitalisation of workflows will have a major impact on the fashion industry.

They explain: "By reducing the need for prototypes, physical samples, factoring in travelling and the production of shoots, brands can save costs and time as well as reducing environmental impact. This groundbreaking combination of digital twin technology and master data provides an end-product that can hardly be distinguished from real humans or real garments and is fully transparent."

Gerd Willschütz, CEO and co-founder of ColorDigital GmbH, said: "Until now, an end-to-end 3D workflow with virtual models has not been able to meet marketing demands and substitute human models photographs on e-commerce systems.

"With the DMIx 3D-Studio, we are not only making a complex workflow easy - we are also laying the groundwork for an automated pipeline to create e-commerce ready images for various online retailers."