Strictly's Annabel Croft's lookalike daughters that she is leaning on for support are her twins

Johannes Radebe and Annabel Croft on red carpet
Johannes Radebe and Annabel Croft at the Pride Of Britain Awards 2023 (Getty)

Annabel Croft has been bravely open about her experience of grief during her time on Strictly Come Dancing. The former tennis champ, 57, sadly lost her husband Mel Coleman earlier this year just weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer. Annabel's grown-up daughter Amber has been a much-needed prop throughout her time on Strictly and we just can't get over how much Amber looks like her mother.

The Strictly contestant has three children - daughters Amber, 27, and Lily, 24, and a son named Charlie, 26. Fans of the show often see Annabel's children supporting her on and off the dancefloor as the family continue to navigate the grief surrounding Annabel's husband's sudden death.

Annabel has said that before the beginning of her Strictly journey, she was crying daily, totally bereft at the loss. She said prior to the start of the show that she felt like it was what she needed. "I think it’s good I’m doing something that will distract me – to be spending time doing something wonderful with amazing people. For me, it’s about finding a little joy, learning something new, listening to the music, and hopefully just going with the flow," she said.

Annabel Croft with her husband in 2018
Annabel Croft with her husband in 2018 (Shutterstock)

All three of Annabel's children have supported her and have turned up on a Saturday night to cheer their mother on as she dances up a storm with Johannes Radebe. Annabel's oldest daughter Amber is a spitting image of her mother with identical Brooke Shields-esque brunette curls.

Annabel's younger daughter Lily also shows a distinct likeness to her mother with the same warm smile and beautiful eyes. Lily too has also been an unwavering support for her mother. She even showed up to the Strictly rehearsal room with her brother Charlie. Lily said to her mum: "Honestly, watching you every weekend just puts a massive smile on my face."

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Annabel with daughter Lily
Annabel with daughter Lily (Instagram)

Lily then spoke to the viewers at home saying: "To see my mum on Strictly it's so surreal, it was our dad's favourite show and it's just been so nice having our whole family behind her, supporting her."

When Lily made a cameo on the show viewers took to X, formerly Twitter, to remark on the uncanny likeness between mother and daughter. "Annabel Croft & her daughter have the same eyes and expression!," said one user, whilst another wrote: "Annabel's daughter is the spitting image of her mum."

Annabel with daughter Amber
Annabel with daughter Amber (Instagram)

The tennis player has been open about how Amber's engagement was a "bittersweet moment" following the passing of her husband at age 60. Speaking to MailOnline, Annabel said: "The grief comes in waves, often when you are least expecting it.

Annabel with Lily as a baby
Annabel with Lily as a baby (Instagram)

"I'll be driving and feel this jolt. It is physical pain, visceral,” she continued. "My daughter got engaged the other day, which was bittersweet. We have a wedding to come, but Mel won't be there."

Annabel with son Charlie
Annabel with son Charlie (Instagram)

Annabel remembered the quick lead-up to Mel's tragic passing. "I was one of those wailing women in the hospital car park," she said. "Poor Mel was the one who'd been told he was going to die, and he was comforting me. Three months later, I was picking up a death certificate and our three children were having to process the fact their dad's name was on there."

Fans can see what great joy and comfort the Strictly experience has brought Annabel and her three children. Annabel even took pro partner Johannes to Richmond Park for a walk around what she has called her "sanctuary" where she spent time with Mel prior to his death.

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No doubt Annabel's children will be watching on with pride as their mother enters the quarter-final with a foxtrot to 'For Good' from the hit musical Wicked.