One in 10 people in UK have not had sex since lockdown first began in March

Many Britons have felt too stressed to get intimate in the bedroom during the last six months. (Getty Images)
Many Britons have felt too stressed to get intimate in the bedroom during the last six months. (Getty Images)

Studies have indicated that millions of people in the UK have been suffering from high levels of stress during the coronavirus lockdown.

This has in turn had an impact on sex lives – with a tenth of Britons not having got intimate in the bedroom since March.

According to research by wellness brand CBII, loss of libido has been down, in a large part, to anxiety.

Other factors that are believed to have reduced intercourse during the pandemic include loss of sleep and also TV.

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In fact, more than half of participants – at 63 per cent – found that watching the small screen was a more enticing form of late-night entertainment.

Even among those still having intercourse, the frequency was a lot less than before Covid-19 relegated people to their homes for months on end.

One in four respondents in this group, who were in a committed relationship or married, said they were only in the mood to have sex a couple of times a month at most.

While feeling low may be sabotaging the bedroom habits of couples who live together, the new restrictions are set to make it more difficult for large swathes of the nation to hook-up going forward.

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Those residing in tier 2 or tier 3 areas are not currently allowed to have sex with partners they don’t live with.

If you are single, you are allowed to engage in intercourse with someone you have an “established” relationship with.

Sex aside, people have felt the strain in all areas of their relationships due to the unusual events of the past half year.

“This year has suddenly put people’s relationships under the microscope, whether that’s because they’ve been forced apart for months on end, or because couples have been together 24/7 without leaving the house to go to work or socialise,” said eharmony’s relationship expert Rachael Lloyd.

Friday 9 October marked 200 days since the UK was plunged into lockdown.