Stranger Things star Noah Schapp comes out as gay on TikTok

stranger things star noah schapp comes out as gay on tiktok
Stranger Things star Noah Schapp comes out as gayAmy Sussman - Getty Images

Noah Schapp – best known for his role as Will Byers on Netflix's Stranger Things – has come out as gay in a heartwarming TikTok.

In a video shared with his 31.7 million followers, Noah wears a grey hoodie as he lip syncs a well-known TikTok sound to the camera: "You know what it never was, that serious. It was never that serious. Quite frankly, it would never be that serious."

On top of the video he wrote, "When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was 'we know'."

Referencing his Stranger Things character – who was recently confirmed to be gay after years of viewer speculation – Noah said in the caption: "I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought."

"It’s pretty clear this season that Will has feelings for Mike," Noah's co-star Finn Wolfhard told Variety earlier this year. "They’ve been intentionally pulling that out over the past few seasons."

He continued: "Even in season one, they hinted at that and slowly, slowly grew that storyline."

Back on TikTok, Noah's coming out was celebrated by fans and celebrity friends alike, quickly racking up over 6.8 million likes. "Proud of you," one person said in response to his clip, as another wrote: "LOVE YOU NOAH!"

"Congrats," someone else said alongside the crying emoji, with a fourth fan commenting: "So proud of you!!! Welcome to the club!"

We! Love! To! See! It!

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