Straight Men Who've Had Sex With Other Men Are Sharing Their Experiences, And It's So Fascinating

Experimentation is a totally normal and healthy part of sex, so we asked straight men in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their own same-sex hookup encounters. Here are the fascinating, hot, and wild results.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

1."In college, my roommates (one man, and one woman) and I hosted a small party. We got absolutely hammered, and I somehow ended up in my bed with our female roommate having sex. She wanted it hard from behind. I remember our male roommate came in while we were having sex and watched, so she asked him to join us. She wanted us to both lay on our backs while she blew us. After a few minutes, she sat on his face and got eaten out, then asked me to continue having sex with her again. It was the only time I've had anyone suck my balls and play with the base of my shaft while I was doing the deed. It felt amazing. I pulled out (her request) and came so hard on her ass and him. I don't remember much else, except that things were a bit awkward for a few weeks around the apartment..."

"...We ended up talking about it, and he said he was curious about experimenting with other guys. We all ended up masturbating in the living room together at the end of the year after a heavy night of drinking. I didn't really mind being his experiment, as it confirmed I'm only attracted to women. None of us stay in touch. He had a girlfriend our next year of school and seemed happy."


Several individuals, including Jamie Clayton and Brian J. Smith, intimately embrace in a passionate, interconnected scene from the series "Sense8."

2."I had a sleepover with a friend in high school. Before bed, he beat me in a video game, so I told him I was going to beat him up. We ended up wrestling while in our boxers, and he got me on my back. We both had bulges, and he rubbed them together a bit through our underwear. We then wrestled some more. This time, I let him get me on my stomach. He got behind me and told me he was going to show me he was the champion. He started grinding his bulge into my ass. To antagonize him, I told him I couldn't feel anything. That then turned into him getting fully hard and me lying there, letting him grind into me as my erection rubbed against the carpet. Pretty soon after, it was silent because we were both focused on the sensations. He eventually came in his underwear. I finished in his bathroom. We're still friends today and both have kids, so we see each other a few times a year at events and parks. We've never discussed that night though."


Two shirtless men, one blonde and one brunette, lie together in bed, facing each other and then lying on their backs, sharing a quiet and intimate moment
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3."In my late 20s, I randomly ran into one of my friends who's gay (let's call him Steve). I'd just broken up with my fiancé and was rekindling a relationship with my first girlfriend. Steve just so happened to be my ex’s roommate. His birthday was the following day, and he said we had to celebrate. We started with pitchers of margaritas at a restaurant, then more at a club, and we ended up totally drunk at a gay bar making out. I don’t recall who kissed who first. It felt good to make him happy for his birthday, though his whiskers were scratchy. We went back to his place, which, of course, was also my ex’s place. She was asleep, so we went to his bedroom. I started giving Steve a blowjob. I realized two things that night: 1. I had no idea how to do it, though Steve seemed fine with what I was capable of, and 2. I wasn’t into it at all..."

"...I ultimately left, and Steve went to bed. Coincidentally, my 'new' girlfriend's friend had seen Steve and me making out in the bar. She was cool with it, and we’ve been married for almost 30 years now."


Two men sitting and lying on a sofa, one shirtless in red shorts, first holding each other's hands, then kissing. Background shows a casual living room setting
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4."I was watching porn with a roommate while we were both lying on his bed. We both started playing with our own erections through our pants and underwear. Eventually, we were just in our underwear. Then he got naked, so I followed. We were tugging beside each other when I suddenly had an urge to satisfy my curiosity. I asked if I could suck him. He spread his legs, and I went down and did my best. After a few minutes, he started to jerk me off. His other hand was going lower and lower until he was gently rubbing my ass. I was in a dry spell and very horny, so went with it. He said that a woman had fingered him before, and he loved it, so he was happy to show me for my first time. It sounded so hot in that moment, so I said yes. He got the lube out and started playing with me. It did feel incredible, and I was moaning. He then told me he was going to penetrate me..."

"...I was so horny and a little buzzed, so I agreed and found myself on my hands and knees on the edge of his bed. Luckily he has a very long but skinny dick, so I did take it relatively easily due to it being my first time. He was wearing a condom and came inside me. Feeling him expand inside me did get me off instantly. The experience was hot and fun, but I learned that getting screwed once was more than enough for me."


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5."I was 23, and my girlfriend was 20. She was in the middle of a sexual awakening and had just discovered rave culture and MDMA. Also, she just wanted to be a little wild. One night, she had a male friend visiting from out of town, so we stayed up late, watched Resident Evil, and smoked weed. We then started talking about how hot Milla Jovovich was in the movie. We were all on the giant couch together, laughing, and then my girlfriend and I started making out. She indicated that she wanted her friend to join. The mood and the vibe felt safe, and soon we were triple kissing. Giggles melted into soft moans, and all labels left the apartment. The bong started going around again, and we all felt really comfortable. We ended up double-penetrating her together, and it was the most intense feeling I'd ever had in my life. Sliding into her along his hard shaft created unparalleled sensations. We even came inside her at the same time."


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6."I tried hooking up with a guy one time. I won't go into detail, so all I'll say is that as soon as I saw his big, hairy dick, I immediately 'noped' out of the situation. It was all the confirmation I needed that I’m not gay. I hold nothing against men who are (both figuratively and literally), but I tried it, and it’s not for me."


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7."I've been married for 11 years. My wife and I have three kids and wanted to spice up our bedroom life, so I suggested my fantasy of adding another woman to join us. She had experienced sex with another woman in college and said she would get back to me. Her proposal was another couple where we both have sex with each of them. It took 10 months of searching to find a couple near us in Canada who had similar interests. My wife was really excited to share tips on how to give a blowjob as she watched, and we switched back and forth. She enjoyed the weekend with both of them, and I felt comfortable when we left."


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8."When I was in high school, I was part of a circle jerk with a bunch of guys. A sleepover turned into truth or dare (like, to run naked around the house). Eventually, we all had boners. One guy started stroking. We decided to race to see who could shoot first. For the next two years, all of our sleepovers – whether they were with the whole group or just a few of us – tended to end in us jerking off together. It was never, like, sexual. It was more, like, bonding, if that makes sense. We never explored more than that as a group, but there were a few times when a friend and I would stroke together to see how it felt..."

"...We all eventually stopped, and it was never really discussed. From what I can tell, all the guys are married to or dating women now. I've mentioned this a few times over the years to other friends, and I'm always surprised at how many guys have similar stories from middle school, high school, or college. Most don't share it openly because of the dumb notion that if you do anything with a person of the same sex you have to be gay. That clearly isn't true."


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9."I first experimented with my best friend when we were teens. Fast-forward 14 years, and I decided I wanted to try it again, so I hooked up with a guy from Craigslist. We hooked up three or four times before losing touch. I’ve never told anyone about either experience. That was eight years ago, and I’ve been thinking lately about wanting to do it again. I thought that I was probably bisexual, but I’ve never been attracted to men, and I’ve only ever had romantic feelings for women. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am straight, and I just enjoy the occasional 'bro job.'"


Two men sit on a bed, talking. In the next scene, they share a passionate kiss

10."As strange as it sounds, I once hooked up with a gay friend to prove to him that I was not into men. We made out for a solid 10 minutes, but it didn’t do anything for me."


Three panels show two shirtless men – Joel Kim Booster and Conrad Ricamora – standing in the rain, sharing an intimate moment. In the final panel, they lean in for a kiss in "Fire Island"

11."I fooled around with a couple when I was at university in Canada. We began with a few drinks at their place. They started making out and getting handsy. She told us she wanted a threesome. Being drunk and horny, I quickly joined them in her bedroom. After she sat on his chest on the bed, making out with him, she quickly came over to me and started sucking my cock. He joined her. Without realizing it, she was soon just watching her boyfriend suck my dick, and she wasn't playing with either of us. It was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had, and it lasted just a few minutes. She then proceeded to suck him. I quickly joined her and soon found myself going solo..."

"...I finished him with my hand, due to his size (it was as thick as a soda can). Afterward, he and I both said we still identify as straight but that she put us under a sexual spell. It was my only time with a man, and I have no interest in sucking another guy again, but I'd happily receive it if the opportunity came up, particularly if he had a hoover for a mouth like that other guy."


The three main characters in "Challengers" making out with each other on a bed

12."About 10 years ago, I was living in Texas when Craigslist was really popular for one-night stands. I put out an ad looking for a 'helping hand.' I then went to this guy’s apartment, and when I walked in, he was already 'pitching a tent' in his tighty whities. He was also wearing a surgical mask and had on dark sunglasses. He was about 5'10", 200 pounds, and height-weight proportionate. I gave him a slow and meditative massage on his massive bulge, and then I pulled out his large penis. It was about eight inches long. I gave him a helping hand and then used a fleshlight to get him more aroused before he shot a massive load. He fell asleep on his couch as I left his place $75 richer."


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13."I have a bromance with a friend from college. We hooked up for the first time after a leaving party. I was supposed to sleep on his couch, but he asked me to sleep in his bed, as we had a really close relationship. We woke up in the middle of the night, spooning, and he reached around and started rubbing me through my underwear. About 15 minutes later, we were facing each other and jerking off the other person. Since then, we've met up about one or two times each year to share a few mutual jerks and handjobs over a weekend if we're single. It's been happening for about five years, and we've probably fooled around almost a dozen times or so. None of our friends have any idea, and we aren't attracted to each other like that. It's purely a sexual release with someone safe for both of us."


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14."When I was younger, I had no desire to do anything with another man. After I was older and my kids had moved out, my wife and I went through a sexless patch. While on vacation in Europe, we tipsily ended up at a swingers club for an 'adventure.' My wife had mentioned her interest in it a few times before, but I always thought it was more of a fantasy rather than something to act on. We now go to our local club a few times each year, and our sex life has never been better. We have foursomes, and I fool around with the other guy for a bit of fun. Some of my wife's biggest orgasms are while I'm jerking off another guy at the club. My wife will shag me for a week straight while recounting my sloppy blowjobs after we visit a club. Outside the club, I don't ever think about another guy. I have no problem sucking another dick while my wife fools around with the other guy's wife, but that's it."


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15."I've always been into wearing lingerie for sex, but I'm not submissive and love penetrating women (which is typically more rare for a cross-dresser). When I was single, I started hooking up with open-minded couples because it was more difficult for me to find women who liked that I dressed up. The boyfriend/husband would go down on me to warm me up before I'd have sex with his wife. The power dynamic of another guy pleasuring me before I'd play with his wife, all while I was wearing sexy lingerie, really turned me on, and everyone involved was equally satisfied! I've tried topping men but have never been able to finish the act because I don't find it appealing. I identify as heteroflexible."


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16."In college, I lived with three other roommates in a large house. We were two men and two women. After some beverages over a few hours, the two female roommates told me they were going to have a bath together. A few minutes later, I went upstairs and watched them touching in the bath. Our other roommate, the male, got home from the library and watched with me. Soon enough, we were all in one of the beds, making out and giving/receiving oral. The women told us that we could watch them, but whatever they did together, we would have to do too, in order for them to progress. We were tipsy and had the opportunity to watch two hot college women do anything, so I found myself at the end of the bed sucking my male roommate with one of the women. She made him cum, while I sucked on his balls. He then jerked me off while the women played together..."

"...I ended up sleeping with one of the roommates for the rest of the year. I told my wife this story after we were married, and she thinks it's so hot. She brings it up once in a while during sex. If the opportunity arose again, I told my wife I would open to an MMF threesome with her."


Three images show two men and a woman about to kiss passionately. In the middle image, a close-up of one man's hand is placed sensually over the other man's chest in the TV show "Now Apocalypse"

17."I shared a room with my brother while growing up, so I learned how to quickly jerk off in the shower when I had a little alone time. One day after high school lacrosse practice, I was one of the last people in the shower. I absentmindedly started to rub myself and got hard (habits die hard). Before I realized what I was doing, I saw one of my teammates tugging himself next to me under the shower. I looked over, and he gave me ~the look~, so we both kept watching each other. We both had a softcore jerk-off session for about 10 minutes. It was a bit weird, so we ultimately stopped, especially since other teammates were changing in the locker room near us. I got dressed and spanked it when I got home so I could finally get my release. I've never really had a desire for more experiences like that, but I have randomly thought about it while in the shower."


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18."I lived in a house with three other guys while in grad school. One had a single room in the basement, and he'd have different women come and go through the basement door all the time. One day, we heard his basement door open and close, and we saw a woman leave. He came upstairs, naked, while the three of us were eating lunch. That certainly wasn't the first time I'd seen him naked. He decided to tell us about their hookup and what he did to the woman last night and this morning. He got hard while telling the story, and he started to casually play with his dick. After a few minutes of openly masturbating in front of us, there was a big glob of pre-cum at the tip of his dick..."

"...We watched him for a few minutes before one of our roommates told him to go have a shower and jerk off in there. All of us then went to our rooms. I jerked off immediately and came in a few minutes while thinking about the show I just watched. The next time we were all drunk, we all admitted to jerking off in our rooms that afternoon. To my knowledge, no one in that group ever hooked up with another member, though we were all pretty open and often talked about sex, masturbation, fantasies, etc. One of our roommates even shared a story about the times he experimented with other guys in the undergrad dorm shower."


Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine are lying in bed and passionately kissing in a scene from "Red, White & Royal Blue."
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19."I shared a small dorm room with a guy. He liked being naked when I wasn't home, so I saw him nude a few times when coming back from class. One night, after a few drinks, he straight-up asked me if we could masturbate together. We sat beside each other on his bed and both got naked. We then started jerking it without touching each other. We both had big loads that night. I now occasionally like to watch videos of guys masturbating, just to change things up, while my wife and I masturbate together in bed. She likes watching the videos as well. I identify as straight."


Scene from "Fellow Travelers": Two men, both in white shirts, share an intimate moment in different close-up angles

20."My wife likes to watch porn where guys masturbate. She'll turn it on when we are mutually masturbating, and I've definitely come a few times while watching the videos (never on my own though). With her, watching porn with only men just seems fun and different."


Michael Pitt, Eva Green, and Louis Garrel having a bath together in the movie "The Dreamers"
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21."I'd seen a male massage therapist a few times. My hamstrings were tight, and I asked him to go high up on my legs. He ended up touching my scrotum a few times. I'm not sure if this was intentional or accidental, but I went home and had sex with my wife while telling her what happened. We both had orgasms quickly. She's replayed the scene a few times, and we still get off on it. I haven't done anything else (or had anything done to me) by a guy since, but I do have a different massage therapist now for unrelated reasons."


Close-up of Tracy Morgan's face, followed by two images of oil being dripped onto their back and massaged in during a scene of "First Sunday"
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22."I experimented with my best friend in high school. Both of us were curious. I took the lead and gave him his first-ever blowjob, and then he reciprocated. We continued this two or three times a month until we graduated. We ultimately went to separate colleges and hadn’t seen each other for nine years. We're both married to women and have children. At a former classmate's wedding, we stayed at the same hotel and relived our memories of high school. That was the only time either of us had been with another man. There were no regrets, but there also wasn't a romantic connection. I don't plan on it happening again, but I wouldn't necessarily say no. Life is short. P.S. My wife is aware and isn’t bothered by it at all."


Three scenes from Brokeback Mountain show intimate moments between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal's characters
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23.And finally: "I'm from Canada. Have you ever been in a hockey locker room after a game? Guys would openly masturbate in the shower after a game like it was nothing. No one blinked an eye. It was just part of the culture after a tough game. I've talked to other teams about this, and it seemed to be a thing that happened everywhere. When I grew up and played higher-level minor hockey, it was a non-sexual release that happened often. I probably saw a dozen or so of my teammates jerk off. It's funny to think about now, but 25–30 years ago it was just a casual thing."


Three people, topless in a steamy shower. They are interacting with each other in a close, intimate setting. Names are not specified

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