Stormi Webster Stopped Kris Jenner From Speaking About Pete Davidson, And It's Hilarious

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Stormi Webster has given us some extremely cute moments over the years, from her adorable snowboarding videos to sweet interactions with her Kardashian-Jenner cousins.

And fans are now obsessed with another clip from Stormi, with the three-year-old stopping grandmother Kris Jenner from talking about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. Yep, the whole thing is as hilarious as it sounds.

The cute clip has come to light following Kris' appearance on the CNN New Year's Eve broadcast with host Andy Cohen. Just at the moment when Andy asks about Kim's relationship with Pete, little Stormi can be seen running into the room in the background.

Stormi then adorably starts to climb onto Kris' knee, making her way into the shot and (pretty conveniently) distracting everyone involved from the Kim and Pete question. Skip to 2:30 to see it all happen:

Of course, the whole thing was not lost on Kris Jenner, who joked, 'Nice distraction! Good timing, Stormi, perfect. Right on cue,' before laughing as the interview ended.

Fans have since taken to Instagram to re-share the clip, with one writing, 'Stormi really saved Kris from answering a question about Kim & Pete. [sic] '

Others joked that Stormi could have been part of the plan, with one fan commenting, 'Stormi if you hear "Pete" run. [sic]' Another laughed, 'Stormi attended that PR class ngl [sic]', while one speculated, 'Lol they definitely sent her in. [sic]'

Of course, it's very unlikely that three-year-old Stormi had anything to do with the interview. Still, the whole moment makes for pretty hilarious/adorable viewing, and we love seeing Stormi and Kris together.

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