How to stop your packed salad from getting soggy

Jess Edwards
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Don't you hate it when you spend ages crafting a delicious salad to take to work only to crack it out from its tupperware the next day to see something that looks a little, well, soggier, than it did at home?

Salad items tend to perspire a touch over time, thanks to all the juicy ingredients - ahem tomatoes and cucumber! And let's face it, sitting down to eat a crunchy salad doesn't have the same satisfying feeling if it is actually more like soup.

But according to Pedestrian, there's a way to ensure your spinach leaves are still dry when it comes to 1pm and all you have to do is add an extra ingredient.

Aussie food bloggers Sammy & Bella shared their trick for keeping salads crisp, and it actually sounds yummy.

According to them, just a little bit of black rice can go a long way to avoid any soggy salad nightmares, as it soaks up any excess moisture while being stored.

Plus, this nutty grain is sometimes considered a superfood thanks to its nutritious nature, so its basically tasty, useful and good for you.

You can pick up black rice in most big supermarkets - Sainsbury's charge £2.65 for a 500g box.

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