Stop What You’re Doing! M&S Is Selling A Caramilk Milkshake

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Marks And Spencer is really going all out with its Caramilk inspired range, and we are so here for it.

And the latest addition to the Golden Blonde Chocolate range is a Caramilk flavoured milkshake that looks absolutely dreamy.

We first heard about M&S’s Golden Blonde Chocolate Milkshake when @newfoodsuk shared a photo of it looking all majestic and delicious on Instagram.

Is it bad that we want to buy a thousand bottles and take a bath in it? Actually… don’t answer that.

As well as this milkshake, M&S also recently released a Caramilk flavoured cream liqueur. So, basically a grown-up version of the milkshake.

This poured over ice is the stuff of Christmas dreams, right? But do we really have to wait until December to get stuck in?

If these drinks aren’t enough for you, you can also get the stuff in spread form too... A-huh, we're talking about a Caramilk inspired chocolate spread that you can slather on your toast, stir into your porridge or smother on your pancakes. Insane, right?

Speaking about its love of this unique chocolate, M&S recently said: “Golden blond chocolate, also sometimes called caramelised chocolate or toasted white chocolate, is a relatively recent addition to the chocolate spectrum and is made by roasting chips of white chocolate until it undergoes the ‘Maillard reaction’, which gives it a beautiful coffee colour and a yummy caramel-like flavour. It’s so new that it wasn’t discovered until 2012 by chocolatiers in the south of France, completely by accident!”

There you go – you learn something new every day.

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