Can You Still Get Freebies Through Subway's Receipt Surveys?

Subway worker making sandwich
Subway worker making sandwich - Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Subway is a restaurant chain that seems intent on remaining as fresh as the ingredients it uses to build sandwiches for customers. For instance, Subway changed its bread slicing technique to ensure greater sandwich stability when patrons requested massive amounts of toppings. The chain also revamped its policy regarding customer surveys, which used to appear at the bottom of receipts. In the past, customers could receive free items for completing surveys, including fountain drinks and cookies. However, it appears that the chain no longer offers receipt surveys, which means these freebies are also off the menu.

Daily Meal reached out to several Subway locations and employees verified that receipts no longer featured the surveys. Additionally, Subway's website includes a blurb that states, "Subway is on a journey to transform its Voice of the Guest Program. As part of this change, this survey will no longer be available." Customers may not be happy about the updated policy since it means they can no longer score free items. As for why Subway removed its surveys, that's not entirely clear.

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Why Did Subway Get Rid Of Its Surveys?

Subway storefront daytime
Subway storefront daytime - Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Many fast food customers will often become accustomed to the way their favorite chains operate, and changes to the status quo can sometimes be met with frustration. Just consider the reaction when Wendy's announced an upcoming switch to surge pricing, which caused an uproar among fast food fans. While Subway's removal of receipt surveys hasn't been received with the same intensity, customers do want to know why.

According to a post on Reddit, a former employee at the restaurant claimed the survey program was disbanded because "people were complaining too much on the surveys." Another commenter confirmed that the chain "pulled the plug on the current program for now," but that Subway corporate had plans to update "how surveys are done." However, there's no new information on what the new surveys might entail or whether customers can still receive free items for completing them. It's worth noting that Subway seemingly hasn't provided an official answer about the survey program or freebies at the restaurant.

How To Score The Best Deals At Subway

Tomatoes on a Subway sandwich
Tomatoes on a Subway sandwich - Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

While the receipt surveys are no longer a thing, Subway offers other ways that guests can access specials and even a few freebies. The chain's MVP Rewards program allows members to gain points whenever they order menu items, such as one of Subway's nutritious sandwiches, like the Italian BMT or the oven-roasted turkey. Every dollar spent at the restaurant equals 10 points, and 400 points is equal to $2 in Subway bucks. Members also receive a free bag of chips every Friday (with purchase) and a free cookie on their birthday.

The Subway app is also replete with great deals, such as a buy one footlong, get one half-off special. Keep in mind that the deals featured on the app are often only available for a limited time and at participating locations, which means that not every customer will be able to take advantage of them. And while it's not necessarily a deal, customers at Subway can pile on the vegetables without incurring an additional charge. There's no telling whether Subway survey freebies will return, but it's good to know that customers have other options.

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