Steve Norman believes Tony Hadley would do one last Spandau Ballet tour

Steve Norman wants one last tour with Spandau Ballet credit:Bang Showbiz
Steve Norman wants one last tour with Spandau Ballet credit:Bang Showbiz

Steve Norman believes Tony Hadley would reunite for a tour with Spandau Ballet if the right deal was offered.

Despite pleas from ex-bandmate Gary Kemp, 62, to re-join the iconic New Romantic group - completed by Martin Kemp, 60, and John Keeble, 63 - the 62-year-old musician, who quit as lead singer in July 2017, has insisted he wants nothing more to do with the band.

However, 62-year-old saxophonist Steve admits he's hopeful that one day they can have "closure" on the 'Gold' band as they've never officially split up, and do a tour with their former lead singer.

He told the Daily Star: "The tragic thing is, we've never had closure.

"We never said we split up. We never had closure for the fans, but also ourselves. How about doing one last tour? A world tour. The Farewell Tour? Then call it a day.

"It's all left up in the air and Tony left, but I'm sure if the deal was on the table and it was the right one, he'd come back for a tour."

Steve - who is touring with his band The Sleevz - admits it's a shame there are "stupid grudges" and "bitterness" and he just wants Spandau to end in harmony.

The multi-instrumentalist added: "It would be wave goodbye to each other and pat each other on the back, give each other a hug.

"Life is too short. Which is why I get on with Spandau.

"I've got great memories of all the time I spent with my best mates. That is far more important than all these stupid grudges, bitterness."

Martin previously insisted Spandau is over until Tony returns.

He said in 2019: "Until Tony comes back ... until the five of us come back. It's not just Tony, all five of us. Listen, my band is so volatile, one minute we are the best friends then we fall out, it has always been that way.

"I would love it to happen because it is part of me it is part of my soul. But it means all five of us saying yes at the same time."

Tony was briefly replaced by disgraced singer Ross William Wild in 2018.