Steve Carell struggles to not look at camera after making The Office

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Steve Carell has admitted he struggles to not look at the camera when acting due to his time making The Office.

During the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast with his former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, the actor - who played Michael Scott on the U.S. version of the series between 2005-2011 - referenced the show's mockumentary style, which often involved characters making glances at the camera.

"I have never had a job where I didn't look into the camera at some point... At least once," he said. "I'm sure on (2014 film) Foxcatcher, I like looked into the camera and (then told myself), 'Nope. You cannot comment on what you just did.'"

In response, Jenna commented, "Same! I can't not make the camera a character now. It's such a habit."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Steve explained how he avoided watching the original British version of The Office as he wanted to ensure his character was significantly different from Ricky Gervais's David Brent.

"I chose not to watch the British version because I didn't want that to influence whatever this version was going to be," he noted. "(Gervais) was clearly so great at it, he was such a distinctive character, I didn't want to do an impression of him."