SteelSeries Drops Super Limited White and Gold Apex Pro Mini Keyboard

You don't often hear "keyboards" and "cool" in the same sentence, but it'd be hard to argue that SteelSeries' latest take on its award-winning Apex Pro Mini is anything less than a pretty cool keyboard. Arriving in a clean "White x Gold" colorway and produced in an extremely limited volume – 250 have been made and each unit is individually numbered – the newest member of the Apex Pro Mini family lives up to the Danes' reputation for beautiful design, whilst taking the crown for its performance capabilities, too,

The Danish brand has been making gaming peripherals since 2001 and the Apex Pro Mini compact gaming keyboard has become one of its most popular products. Casual and pro-gamers alike have have come to rely on the responsiveness and accuracy of the keyboard, something that's made possible thanks to the brand's propriety Hall effect (magnetic) OmniPoint switches found on the device. In fact, this latest "White x Gold" release features the upgraded OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic Switches that the brand claims have an 11 times faster response time, 10 times faster actuation, and are twice as durable. So durable the brand has guaranteed them for "100 million presses" which, frankly speaking, is a mind-boggling number and good marketing if nothing else.

This new limited edition model also benefits from the firmware and software updates that the brand recently made to its entire Apex Pro Mini series. Last fall, SteelSeries introduced a new Rapid Trigger mode that made the already fast keyboard even faster. It also increased adjustability to 40 levels (previously 37), allowing users to further customize their keyboard for the optimum playing experience.

Both aesthetically and practically speaking, SteelSeries' Apex Pro Mini "White x Gold" is a statement piece. The keyboard is available now exclusively via the brand's website priced at $379.99.