Starbucks Releases Three New Drinks And They Sound Delicious

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Starbucks

From Delish

Now that your Christmas dinner is just starting to go down, would you like to hear about some new food and drink products being launched at Starbucks?

The coffee brand has announced that its launching three news drinks. The Macchiato trio will consist of three flavours: Vanilla Bean Macchiato, Roasted Hazelnut Macchiato and Golden Honey Macchiato.

Available from 3 January, these hot drinks "have been crafted to pair and complement the flavour of the Starbucks Blonde® Roast, which is a smoother, lighter roast that whilst mellow, still packs a punch. It’s softer on the palette with light notes of citrus, a great alternative to the Signature Roast.” Sounds impressive.

Photo credit: Starbucks

These coffees start from £2.95, and are only available for a limited time, so make sure you head to your nearest Starbucks to get your hands on them sharpish.

As well as these new drinks, Starbucks is also launching a winter food menu, including...

Vegan Smoky Jackfruit and Grains, from £3.99

Deliciously succulent pulled BBQ jackfruit with smoky grain mix in a spiced red pepper sauce topped with vegan alternative to smoked cheese.

Pulled Beef Open Burrito, from £4.29

Photo credit: Starbucks

A bowl of Mexican style rice with paprika cumin and roasted sweetcorn, smoky pulled beef, pit beans topped with smoked cheddar

Mushroom and Ricotta Toastie from £3.99

A delicious hot toasted seeded sourdough filled with mushrooms, ricotta, spinach and black pepper. At under 350kcals this tasty toastie is perfect if you’re looking for a lighter option post the Christmas festivities.

Chicken and Pesto Toastie from £3.99

Photo credit: Starbucks

A lighter option for lunchtimes, at under 350 kcals this heated toastie features seeded sourdough bread packed with smoked pulled chicken, pesto, emmental, mozzarella, mature cheddar and roasted tomatoes.

Chocolate and Coconut Overnight Oats, from £2.79

Photo credit: Starbucks

Start your day right with the delicious vegan chocolate and coconut overnight oats. A combination of jumbo rolled oats topped with raspberry compote and sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes.

Just when you thought you'd never eat again...

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