Starbucks’ new lavender spring drinks receive mixed reviews

Starbucks’ new lavender spring drinks receive mixed reviews

Starbucks has rung in the new season with a carousel of spring-inspired offerings with lavender infusion, but not everyone is on board with the floral flavour.

On 7 March, the coffee conglomerate switched out its rich winter flavours for tastes of the purple plant in two fresh menu items: Iced Lavender Cream Oatmilk Matcha and Iced Lavender Oatmilk Latte. This year marks the first time Starbucks has introduced lavender as an available additive to its drinks.

The iced matcha is a mix of green tea powder with oatmilk and is topped with lavender cream cold foam that has “sweet and subtle floral notes,” per the company’s description. The iced latte is one shot of the Starbucks Blonde Espresso blend combined with non-dairy milk and finished with lavender cold foam.

While matcha devotees are more likely to be familiar with the fragrant fuse in their morning beverage, Starbucks regulars aren’t too sure they like the new iced concoctions. Customers have been voicing their opinions online, some expressing a sweet passion for the lavender spirit and others announcing their distaste for it.

One fan noted how “the pairing of lavender & matcha tastes like a creamsicle”. A few more supporters described the flavour to be reminiscent of spring, adding the overall aroma was like “spring in a cup”.

“Best drink [Starbucks has] ever had no lie,” another enamored individual proclaimed before admitting they added a half pump of vanilla.

“I TRIED THE MATCHA LAVENDER DRINK FROM STARBUCKS AND IT WAS GOOOOOD,” another fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A candid person commented: “The new lavender matcha drink at starbucks is dead*** Fruit Loops milk.”

However, critics of the new drink pointed out their dissatisfaction with the appearance and taste.

“I just wanna talk to who approved the lavender latte from Starbucks because that is the most foul tasting drink I’ve ever had (and I normally love lavender),” one critic said.

Another remarked: “Starbucks lavender drink tastes like dish soap.”

“Very disappointed in the way it looks... COME ON MAKE SURE THEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT FIRST,” a tester noted.

“And the way it taste no lavender at all,” a fourth added.

Despite the divide these lavender menu offerings have had, the floral flavour is far from the most unique blend the beverage juggernaut has come up with. Just in time for the Lunar Year, Starbucks launched pork-infused coffee in China.