What your star sign says about your sex life, according to an astrologist

A man and a woman kiss as they lie on their bed in their underwear without a duvet. A psychic has revealed what your star sign says about your sex life. (Getty Images)
An astrologist has revealed what your star sign says about your sex life. (Getty Images)

Even if you only dabble in astrology now and then, you probably know a thing or two about the traits your star sign has, but have you ever considered how your Zodiac sign affects your sexual persona too?

Virgos are known for their forward-planning and organisational skills, while Geminis get the most flack for seemingly having two personalities, and Cancers are known to be a touch on the emotional side.

But did you know that Taureans love skin-to-skin touch, and Leos are all about power play in the bedroom?

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To find out what each star sign is like in the bedroom, sexual wellness brand Lovehoney partnered with lifelong psychic Inbaal Honigman to get the low-down.


“Aries are all about fiery attraction,” Honigman says. “Raw passion, displayed in full, is the way they play in the sexual arena.”

She adds that Aries feels “happiest and most alive” when they’re aroused, whether this be when they are single or coupled up “so they usually find their sex life is central to their human experience”.

Man and women kiss while sitting under the duvet on a bed. (Getty Images)
When it comes to the sex life of star signs, Aries are all about the fiery attraction, says psychic Inbaal Honigman. (Getty Images)


“Taureans love skin-to-skin touch,” Honigman says, adding that, "They feel cared for and adored when someone holds and caresses them, up and down and all over. Their sexuality is as elegant as they are.”


Geminis love experimentation, says Honigman, explaining that they love to “try different things with different people in different places”.

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“They need a constant stream of stimulating options and love anything that would be new, fresh and interesting,” she adds. “They feel excited and awake when they are included in new and unexpected sexual practices.”


Cancerians are all about creating a warm connection with that special someone.

“They love feeling that someone is truly, heartbreakingly into them,” Honigman explains. “For those born under the sign of the crab, touching the skin of another being is almost a spiritual experience. They feel open and excitable when a partner appears to not be able to keep their hands off them.”


“Leos are all about worship and power play: they have sex with their minds, not just their bodies,” Honigman says.

She adds that Leos feel “adored” when their partner puts their pleasure first and “does all they can” to excite them. “Those born under the sign of the lion are leaders,” she says, “not followers, and they're happy to set the tone in the bedroom."

A couple kiss while lying under a duvet. (Getty Images)
Virgos like to go slow and steady when it comes to sex. (Getty Images)


When it comes to sex, Virgos love to take their time, be tantric and be attentive before they reach climax.

“Sex doesn't have to be complicated, but it does have to be intense,” Honigman explains. “They enjoy all manner of pleasures: together, alone or with a battery. A truly egalitarian sign who embraces all opportunities.”

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Love is important to a Libra as their ruling planet is Venus. “They appreciate gentle caresses and a tender touch,” Honigman says. “They're happiest when they're face-to-face, body-to-body, with someone special. Eye contact and conversation are just as arousing as getting down to business.”


“Scorpios certainly prefer a warm, humid body over a bedroom gadget,” Honigman observes. “They also love every kink going, from what they wear to how they talk.”

For Scorpios, Honigman adds, “no bridge is too far” when it comes to their sexual pursuits, as they are all about originality and experimentation.


Sagittarians lead colourful sex lives, as Honigman says “swinging, orgies and open relationships would keep their adventurous spirit happy."

“Pleasuring themselves in between group sessions gives them the space to have their me-time,” she adds. “A party animal like Sagittarius prefers the sincere and organic way of being with people. Naked, skin-to-skin, with a drink and perhaps a phone. They love connecting with others, so their kink will be more about the people than the tools.”


Capricorns are all about luxury and intense pleasures, according to Honigman. “They're a powerful sign that loves playing with that power when they're involved with others,” she says.

“They will accept an extra toy in the partnership, if it's really very special. But their favourite toy is a living, breathing body, and an active brain with endless ideas. They thrive in extreme locations, like heat, ice, or loud environments, and get a kick out of meeting people different from themselves.”

A man hovers above a woman's face in the opposite direction while they are both on a bed. (Getty Images)
An Aquarius' mind is their biggest erogenous zone. (Getty Images)


“Aquarius is big on ideas. They're an air sign, so they operate from the brain – their mind is their biggest erogenous zone,” Honigman explains.

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“They like adding bits and pieces to their romantic and sexual routine: small things that stimulate the mind are welcome, like masks, cuffs and outfits.”

She adds that Aquarius signs are independent to a fault and love their own company which means “self-love and frequent me time is a must."


Honigman says that Pisces are the most romantic star sign, so will spend their lives “searching for their one true match”.

“Once they find that perfect match, a Pisces will go out of their way to make sure they feel loved and appreciated, both in and out of the bedroom,” she adds.

“They’re hyper-intuitive and compassionate, which makes them an ideal lover in every sense. They like getting to know someone in every way: mental, physical and emotional. Those born under the sign of the fish enjoy falling in love easily and staying loyal for aeons.”

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