Stanley Tucci’s Scrambled Eggs Are So Good You’ll Eat Them for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

You probably already have all the ingredients you need.

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Getty Images/Allrecipes

Everyone has those kitchen staple ingredients they always keep on hand for quick meals. For many of us, it might be pasta, canned beans, jarred sauce, some kind of ground meat, or eggs.

So, we’d assume that even someone like Stanley Tucci, who has a knack for cooking extravagant-looking meals, would keep some of those things on hand. After all, his favorite midnight snack is made solely with pantry staples.

Obviously, we know the Tucc always has pasta on hand—Rummo pasta, to be exact—how else could he make his cheesy pastina or 20-minute bolognese? But, much like the rest of us, when he’s in need of a quick lunch, Tucci turns to the humble, yet delicious scrambled egg.

Tucci shared his four-ingredient scrambled egg recipe in a recent Instagram post. And, unlike some celebrity scrambled egg recipes, he’s not going for the silkiest or fluffiest eggs with a unique technique. For Tucci, it’s about the add-ins.

“[It’s] scrambled eggs with mushrooms, all these different kinds of mushrooms, and some spinach. I put a little Parmigiano on it, and then we’re going to have it as sandwiches,” he said.

Tucci’s scrambled eggs are loaded with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, plus a hint of cheese—because why not? He doesn’t specify what types of mushrooms, but we’d assume they’re a variety of fungi from Tucci’s many trips to the farmers’ market.

Unsurprisingly, he also doesn’t give specifics on how he makes his scrambled eggs—so, we guess use whatever method you’re partial to.

And, as far as the final product sandwiches go, we never actually got to see how Tucci enjoys the eggs. But surely it’s a simple egg sandwich, likely on toast. For a “quick lunch” before a trip, it really doesn’t get easier.

I Tried Stanley Tucci's Scrambled Eggs

<p>Bailey Fink</p>

Bailey Fink

I made Stanley Tucci’s eggs to test out his quick lunch—and in 10 minutes I was sitting down to eat. I sautéed an assortment of mushrooms, including baby bellas, oysters, and shiitake, for texture and flavor, and partially wilted my spinach before adding the eggs. That way, I wouldn’t accidentally overcook the eggs waiting for the veggies to cook. There's nothing worse than rubbery scrambled eggs.

After the scrambled eggs were cooked, I stirred in the Parmesan cheese for a bit of a melt. I placed the eggs between two pieces of toast and was ready to dig in.

Obviously, you have to like mushrooms to enjoy this recipe. I do, which is why I was so keen to throw different varieties in there. Each mushroom adds its own flavor and textural component.

The spinach-mushroom combo is spot on. As far as the sandwich goes; because we don't know exactly how Tucci builds it, I can't fault him too much. But, as it turns out, I want a little more from a sandwich than just eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and a dash of cheese. I ended up slapping some Sriracha mayo on the toasted bread and that solved most of my flavor cravings.

All in all, you can't go wrong with a quick and easy lunch like this—and for that, Mr. Tucci, I tip my hat to you.

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