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Stanley is unveiling 2 new colors today that are perfect for warmer weather — here's where to get them

The new Quencher cup colors, Nectarine and Peony, already have people in a frenzy on social media.

new stanley nectarine and peony
Stanley's new colors will likely sell out, based on the overwhelming reception they're getting on social media. (Dick's Sporting Goods)

Stanley's pastel-colored cups are often the most popular, so if you want to get a hold of its latest launch, you'll need to act quickly. On March 26 at 12 p.m. EST, the brand is releasing two vibrant colors that are perfect for warmer weather: Nectarine and Peony.

You can shop Nectarine on Stanley's website and at Dick's Sporting Goods — but Peony seems to be a Dick's exclusive. Both Stanley cup colors will be available in the 40-ounce and 30-ounce Quenchers.

You have to admit, for a cup, it's darn pretty — and so springy!

$45 at Stanley

Without even looking at it, you can probably guess that Nectarine is a pastel orange. The matte-colored cup features a matching orange handle and FlowState screw-on three-position lid with the brand's classic white straw. Based on the response from fans, it's poised to be a bestseller, too. When Stanley posted about its release on TikTok, the video amassed 258,000 views and comments like, "this is iconic," and, "NEED NEED NEED."

On the other hand, Peony has kinda been kept under wraps — the brand has yet to post about it and it's not on its website. But Dick's Sporting Goods reportedly started selling it in stores earlier this week. One TikToker, @stephh_castillo, shared a video of her holding a Peony Quencher in a Dick's three days ago, and her video quickly earned over 250,000 views, too. Peony is a pretty matte pink color and like Nectarine, it has a matching pink handle and lid.

Stanley released another pink Fuschia last month and it sold out immediately. My guess is this new pink color will sell fast, too. 

$45 at Dick's Sporting Goods

There's no telling how long these colors will be in stock. If you can't find them online, you may have to run to your nearest Dick's Sporting Goods (or order online and pick up in-store).

Of course, every time Stanley launches a new color, it's pretty exciting. People go a little wild! But funny enough, that wasn't always the case. Here's a mini history lesson: In 2019, Stanley sales weren't great — so much so that they stopped restocking its now-famous 40-ounce Quencher. But then a commerce blog called The Buy Guide (very big fans of the cup) ended up convincing the brand to sell it 5,000 of the Quenchers to sell to its own loyal followers — and the cups sold out within five days. Then, the blog bought more and sold out again. Eventually, Stanley ended up partnering with the blog to launch new colors and by 2020, the cup craze started to go viral. By 2022, a new lineup of matte pastel colors helped make the cup an everyday accessory versus a camping essential.

And now, we all have a Stanley cup! Well, actually, if you don't have one yet, what are you waiting for? After thorough testing, one Yahoo editor shared, "In my opinion, the Stanley Quencher is absolutely worth a purchase." So choose your color: Will it be Nectarine, or maybe another from its latest Target spring collection?