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TikTok-famous Stanley cup released in new exclusive colours: 'Really helped increase my water intake'

The social media superstar has racked up 4.9 billion video views.

The TikTok famous tumbler is now available in the UK in three new vibrant shades. (Stanley/Yahoo Life UK)
The TikTok famous tumbler is now available in the UK in three new vibrant shades. (Stanley/Yahoo Life UK)

Thanks to a little app called TikTok, you may already know what the Stanley cup is. For the uninitiated, allows us to explain.

It's a huge 1.2L tumbler complete with a built in straw and handle so you can stay hydrated on the go at all times.

Made popular thanks to its viral success on the social media platform, where the #StanleyCup has no less than 4.9 billion (yes billion) video views, users have raved about how it has helped them up their water intake, the various aesthetic pastel colours it's available in and how well it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

It holds a huge 1.2 litres of water to keep you hydrated on the go. 

£45 at Stanley

Some of the most highly watched videos recently include creator Jade McCarthy sharing an unboxing video that has over 26,000 likes. She said, "It’s bloomin’ huge! That should make sure I hit my water intake goals for the day 💦 Added bonus it matches my nails!"

Another user, Stephanie Macedo, listed all the reasons she's obsessed with her Stanley cup, with reasons including it fits in her car cup holder, the handle helps balance out the weight of it when full of liquid and the top swivel which turns it into a sip cup for hot drinks.

Why we rate it

So what's so good about that it warrants a hefty £44.99 price tag?

Firstly it can keep hot drinks hot for up seven hours and cold drinks up to 11 hours and as long as two days if iced, thanks to a vacuum insulation design. The exterior is also made from 90% recycled stainless steel.

Designed to help you stay hydrated with minimal refills, it holds 1.2 litres of liquid and comes complete with a straw opening and reusable straw to reduce splashes, a drink opening and a full-cover top.

You'll never be dehydrated again with this mammoth water tumbler from Stanley. (Stanley)
You'll never be dehydrated again with this mammoth water tumbler from Stanley. (Stanley)
The water bottle is<em> the </em>accessory to have thanks to its aesthetic colours. (Stanley)
The water bottle is the accessory to have thanks to its aesthetic colours. (Stanley)
It will keep your water cold for 11 hours, or two days when iced. (Stanley)
It will keep your water cold for 11 hours, or two days when iced. (Stanley)

Shop a Stanley Quencher cup

Now available in the UK, you can shop it in three new exclusive colours; Twilight (navy blue), Pine (a forest green) and Camellia (a hot pink). The Rose Quartz shade is finally back in stock also, after selling out in 24 hours when it first launched, along with Orchid, Cream, Eucalyptus and Charcoal shades too.

There's also Citron (a vibrant lime green shade) and Fog (a pale grey), two colours which launched in September 2023, but have proven so popular they've become a sellout success.

Lastly, the ergonomic handle has comfort-grip inserts for easy carrying, the narrow base fits most car cup holders and best of all, every bit of this tumbler is dishwasher safe.

What the reviews say

Stanley shoppers can't get enough of this water tumbler, with many praising how it's increased their water intake throughout the day.

  • "Easily the best £50 I have ever spent, the ice stay all day in my cup keeps my drink cold all day during this heat, can't wait to get the other colours."

  • "Bought this as I have many water bottles but they all leak or don’t keep the water cool for long. This cup is amazing! Doesn’t leak, keeps my water cool and the ice lasts for some time. My husband now wants one. Would recommend."

  • "Obsessed!! Drank so much more since having it."

  • Let me tell you.. I have been waiting for this mug for so long. You will not believe how it makes me feel to walk around holding a STANLEY! For years I have dreamed of my water being contained in a Stanley and i'm finally in a position to own one and I cannot tell you how much better I feel than everyone around me! This is the best container for water in the entire world."

  • "Super fast delivery. Has kept ice solid all day despite refilling with fluid.Has really helped increase my water intake."

  • "I have been searching for ages, and one that would hold a decent amount as well as keeping it nice and cold. If you want it to kept cold for hours with ice, you need to make sure it is filled to the top - but that's not a major issue! Love the colour, and it's very sturdy."

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