Stacey Solomon shares 'bane of my life' before revealing TV crew had to intervene when Joe caused chaos

DIY queen Stacey Solomon has opened up about the "bane" of her life ahead of her Channel 4 show Renovation Rescue. The TV personality helps homeowners - who have been abandoned by their builders - sort out their houses in her new project.

However, whilst appearing on This Morning, Stacey revealed her major DIY bugbear during a phone-in with a fan.

"The word spare room is the bane of my life," she told one caller. "We should never have spare rooms.

"Have you ever dreamt of a room that you don't have? Like a utility room or a guest bedroom? Or a walk-in wardrobe. What would it be?"

Stacey Solomon appeared on This Morning to chat about her new Channel 4 show
Stacey Solomon appeared on This Morning to chat about her new Channel 4 show -Credit:ITV

After the caller revealed that she wanted a guest bedroom in her home, Stacey added: "You've got to wipe out the spare room from your brain and say this is the guest bedroom. Make this the guest bedroom."

As for Stacey's own spare room transformation, the TV presenter went onto admit that she tried to involve husband Joe Swash, 42 - however, it did not go to plan. "We were filming and I was doing some bits at the house as well," she said.

Stacey and Joe look happier than ever, two years after getting married
Stacey and Joe married two years ago - and Stacey has revealed that he tried to help out with her latest DIY project -Credit:Instagram/Stacey Solomon

"They wanted to show some of the things I really wanted to do at home, DIY wise, so we started building a wall in the gym, well, it's a garage I was turning into a gym."

She added that it was to separate the space away from Joe's fishing gear, continuing: "Because it stinks and it's disgusting! I was like, I need to put a wall up here and put his fishing stuff on that side.

"They said: 'Why don't we get Joe involved, that would be really nice, have you both doing it together,' and I said: 'At your peril!' He came in with a giant mallet and the health and safety woman was like: 'Woah, woah, woah! Where's the goggles, where's the steel toes, what's going on!'

"Everyone had a right flap because he was just being Joe, he doesn't check anything!"

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