Stacey Solomon reveals pregnancy of fifth child was a 'surprise'

The Loose Woman star is expecting her fifth child, and third with husband Joe Swash.

Video transcript

STACEY SOLOMON: Yeah, nearly there now, and yeah, very soon. We're just so grateful. It was a surprise.


But we're so grateful that we get the chance to do it again. We love being parents and we can't believe how lucky we've been.

LORRAINE KELLY: It really is, and listen, have you changed your due? Is he quite neat now? Is he--

STACEY SOLOMON: No, Joe is-- Joe doesn't live like that. So this is something as well I think that it took me ages to come to terms with. It's not everyone wants to be organized and tidy, and that's absolutely fine, Stacey.


LORRAINE KELLY: See, I don't understand that, because I'm miss [INAUDIBLE]. I just I don't get it.