Stacey Solomon co-star pays tribute to 'stoic' mum as she opens up about adoption

Dilly Carter has shared a sweet tribute to her 83 year old mum as she wishes her a happy birthday. The organisational whiz, who stars alongside Stacey Solomon on Sort Your Life Out, shared some photos to Instagram to mark the special occasion.

Her lengthy caption began: "Happy 83rd Birthday Mum, what a journey we have been on! Still tough and fighting when all the odds have been against you. I think that’s always been your very British stoic nature."

Opening up about being adopted, Dilly then shared that an "early hysterectomy" led to her mother adopting her, as she added: "Who knew we would go through similar gynae issues."

Dilly Carter and her mum
Dilly Carter has shared an emotional tribute to her mum on her birthday -Credit:Instagram/Dilly Carter

Dilly continued: "But what made you adopt? What made you think back then in the mid 70s that was the thing to do? It wasn’t easy, especially being married to a very proud Sri Lankan man who didn’t ever discuss I wasn’t his natural daughter.

"He hid my adoption files under the bed and rarely spoke of it. But you both did it, spent hours filling forms, writing letters, visiting courts, going back and forth to Sri Lanka, until you finally brought me back to England in 1983."

Adding that her parents "worked tirelessly" to give her a good life to the extent that it impacted their mental health, marriage and ability to work, Dilly wrote: "The way you both worked yourself into the ground will always be my reminder of why we work to live, not live to work.

Dilly Carter's mum
Dilly has wished her mum a happy 83rd birthday -Credit:Instagram/Dilly Carter

"Your home in the bottom of my garden is my constant reminder of what can happen. The reason I do what I do today, is because I knew how you lived had to change.

"I knew you could be better and happier in a less cluttered and organised space but even then it was too late really. So again you sacrificed your space in Somerset to come and live with us, so we could help you, keep an eye on you. Living alone without the love of your life was lonely and hard without anyone around."

Revealing that her mum has recently been in hospital with a broken femur, the TV star continued: "It doesn’t matter that we weren’t your typical mother daughter relationship growing up, you were always there.

Dilly Carter's mum
Dilly opened up about being adopted in the emotional post -Credit:Instagram/Dilly Carter

"So on your birthday I celebrate you, and all you have done to raise me, love me and make me who I am today. Home this week ( we hope) and nearly walking, after nearly 2 months recovering from a broken femur! Now there’s a birthday present!"

Fans were quick to comment on the sweet post, as one wrote: "Good news home soon . She must have worked hard to get mobile. Happy birthday to your mum."

"Despite all the odds you have loved each other and have both enriched each others lives, what a perfect reason to celebrate today and every day." added another. While a third penned: "Happy Birthday to your amazing mum. What a truly inspiring story, @declutterdollies. I hope your mum is soon on her feet & home."