Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton take baby Minnie on exciting US adventure - details

Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley on set at Strictly
Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley on set at Strictly (PA)

Documentary maker Stacey Dooley and her partner, former Strictly dancer Kevin Clifton, have taken their seven-month-old daughter Minnie on an exciting trip abroad, combining work and pleasure.

The doting parents have shared details of their adventure on their respective Instagram pages, revealing that they are currently in America for Stacey's TV work.

In a video speaking to the camera, the Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over star told fans: "I am in the States filming the new series for Sleeps OverCan I just say you are in for the biggest treat. You are going to love these eps, so so so interesting. I don't know when they'll be airing but I'll let you know. I'm having one of those days where I'm like [expletive] I can't believe I get to do this for a living."

Kevin, who is taking time off from his professional dancing career to spend time with his baby girl, revealed on his social media that he, too, is in the US.

Asking his followers for their views on the first Strictly 2023 show, he wrote: "I’m in the USA at the moment and can’t watch the show. Tell me everything!! Your faves? Who will go first? Early predictions for the win? Finalists?"

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We bet Kevin and Minnie are having a ball travelling in the States with doting mum Stacey.

Just five days ago, Stacey revealed she was in Denver and subsequently shared a snap of the motel from TV favourite Schitt's Creek. She wrote: "Praying Moira makes an appearance."

Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley with baby Minnie
Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley with baby Minnie (Guy Levy)

Kevin has vowed to be a stay-at-home dad and take care of their daughter Minnie for the rest of the year.

Announcing the plan earlier this year, he told Digital Spy: "It went Singin' in the Rain, Rock of Ages, The War of the Worlds, Burn the Floor, then I did The Games on ITV, Who Do You Think You Are? and then back to Singin' in the Rain on tour. Then I started rehearsals for Strictly Ballroom the day after I finished Singin' in the Rain.

"By the time I finish in mid-July it will have been a 10-month tour of Strictly Ballroom. So, since we came out of Covid it's just been back-to-back non-stop."

stacey dooley wearing ring with kevin clifton
Strictly stars Stacey and Kevin have been enjoying their first summer holidays with little Minnie

Explaining the reasons behind his decision, he added: "So, for the rest of this year I've decided I'm going to take a break from all performing work just to be a dad. I just don't want to miss any of Minnie. So, yeah, my plan is to take a break as soon as this contract finishes."