Springfest returns for second year

May 2—Back by popular demand the Discover Downtown Washington Springfest is set for May 11. This will be the second year for the event.

"We don't have all of the details yet, but it is coming together," said Amber Warden with Discover Downtown Washington. "There are going to be a lot of vendors. We have around 20 vendors signed up, but registration is still open so we could have even more. We have some food trucks scheduled to behere for the event."

Springfest will also include some contests, a baking contest and art competition, just to name a couple.

"Registration is just opening for the bake-off," said Warden.

Officials had hoped to hold the event in the Commons this year, but those facilities remain under construction.

"It will be held in the EDC parking lot (corner of Second and Main streets), below the mural," said Warden. "We are going to hold it there. We don't want to close down all of the streets downtown. Additional activities will be held across the street at the gazebo."

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The idea behind it is to bring activities, action and people into the downtown area.

"We are passionate about bringing the community together to have fun," said Warden. "We want to showcase the changes we are making to downtown and have people see them. We want to be certain people are seeing the renovation projects and the facade improvements. We want them to feel welcome, and encourage them to spend time downtown and just have a good time."

The downtown merchants are expected to be conducting special sales and promotions in conjunction with Springfest.

"One thing we have heard about is how active downtown used to be and we are trying to bring that back. We are trying to get downtown up and bustling," said Warden. "We hope to have some music and we are still working on the possibility of a beer garden. It should be a good time."

People wanting to know more about Springfest can go to the website for Discover Downtown Washington at https://www.discoverdowntownwashington.com/.