The 1-Ingredient BLT Upgrade I'm Having All Summer Long

Leave it to the Southern experts to know the secret.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images</p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

Though there may be nothing wrong with your BLT sandwich, what if I told you that one ingredient you already have in the kitchen could take it to the next level? I learned this easy trick from Southern Living classic BLT recipe: Grate garlic into the mayonnaise. It's as easy as that!

Why Add Garlic to the Mayo

A BLT is a pretty perfect food, so I understand if you mistrust this whole “you should add garlic to it” bit I'm trying to sell you. However, consider all of the foods—basically, everything delicious under the sun—that call for garlic. It’s a key ingredient for everything from sauces and salad dressings to casseroles and soups.

In some cases, garlic is the star of the recipe. For example, too-much-garlic mashed potatoes and chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. Other times garlic plays a supporting role, helping the other ingredients shine. This is the reason why you should add garlic to your BLT. That big, bold, aromatic flavor it provides heightens the bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, creating the most craveable BLT! Don't worry... You're not adding so much of it that all you taste is garlic.

Southern Living wisely chooses mayonnaise as the vehicle for carrying the garlic. They also make the smart move to grate the garlic, which is an excellent way to release big garlic flavor. Adding it to a creamy condiment, like mayonnaise, means every bite is satisfyingly garlicky. 

<p>Simply Recipes / Mark Beahm </p>

Simply Recipes / Mark Beahm

My Favorite Way to Grate Garlic

Luckily grating garlic is easy, especially if you have a Microplane. If possible, use a big clove, that way you can do the task without worrying about grating more than just the garlic—ouch!

If you don’t have a grater, smash the bulb to remove the papery skin, then mince until the garlic cloves are in teeny-tiny pieces and stir it right into the mayonnaise.

If you notice your clove has sprouted (identified by the little green shoot coming out the top, and centrally located in the clove), slice the clove in half and remove it with your fingers or a paring knife. It’s completely edible but can be sharp and bitter, which probably isn’t the taste you’re after.

How To Store Garlicky Mayo

Try the garlicky mayo once in your BLT and you'll find yourself making big batches to use for all of your sandwiches. I agree that’s a good idea, but only if you plan on using it within three days. After that, it needs to be tossed. Keep it covered and clearly labeled in your refrigerator so that you can enjoy every drop.

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