South Korean Jindo dog treks 12 miles over 41 days to reunite with owner


A 1-year-old South Korean Jindo dog missing for 41 days traveled over 12 miles to find his way back home.

Key points:

  • The pup, named Hong-min, went missing while at the Jindo Dog Exhibition held on March 24 at Shintanjin Sports Park in Daejeon city.

  • Owner Yoon Jeong-sang said the dog ran off due to loud noises and lost its way from the unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Yoon spent weeks searching shelters and contacting authorities after Hong-min disappeared.

  • The determined pup embarked on a nearly month-and-a-half journey to reunite with his owner.

The details:

  • Considered a national treasure in South Korea, Jindo dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence and homing instincts. These qualities allowed Hong-min to eventually reach their home in Daejeon city.

"I've been raising this dog for about a year. It was always a very good dog, so I didn't sell it despite receiving many offers and continued to care for it. The dog must have formed a strong bond with us because it found its way back home from about 20 kilometers (12.42 miles) away."

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  • Yoon, who owns five Jindos, was surprised to hear his other dogs barking on May 3 as Hong-min appeared outside his junkyard.

  • "It's like a dream to meet Hong-min again," Yoon said. "I'm thankful she came home, and I will raise her well for the rest of my life."

  • Despite the long ordeal, Hong-min did not sustain major injuries nor suffer significant weight loss. After getting treatment for ticks, Hong-min is now back to his playful self.

  • Hong-min has since become a local celebrity, with some visitors even bringing her treats.

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