The Soup Can Hack That Instantly Turns Any Cake Pan Into A Bundt Pan

Chocolate Bundt cake with glaze
Chocolate Bundt cake with glaze - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Scrolling baking recipes creates sweet dreams, but lacking a plethora of baking accessories can put those confectionery fantasies on hold. If you're dreaming of a Bundt cake but don't have the right pan, you can still bake that cake, because any round cake pan can be transformed into a Bundt pan with this easy hack.

Simply use a regular round cake pan and place a soup can in the center to create the hole that's the signature of a Bundt cake. It's best to consider the overall size of the pan compared to the size of the can. The idea is meant to mimic a cake, not create an oversized doughnut, so a small soup can work best. In addition, a can with smooth sides may be preferable. And, the can should be clean -- after all, no one wants inedible ingredients in a cake.

Most important with this hack is that the soup can cannot be full of soup. The idea is to repurpose an empty can to create a vacant space in the middle of the cake and not cook another food during the baking process. While "mind the gap" gets pedestrians to take notice, this soup can hack opens bakers' eyes to clever solutions in the pantry.

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Cracking Open The Soup Can Bundt Cake Hack

Bundt cake sliced with powdered sugar
Bundt cake sliced with powdered sugar - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

While the stunning fluted edges dripping in opalescent glaze have people longing for that Bundt cake slice, the soup can hack can create a similar shape. But, bakers need to weigh into the concept with caution.

First, fill the washed can with uncooked beans, rice, or even pie weights. This ensures that the can stays in place and the batter does not seep under it. Before pouring the batter into the pan, the can should be precisely centered in the middle of the round pan for even baking. Also, choose a round pan with high sides, so the batter doesn't overflow -- that can is taking up space after all.

In addition to the weighted can, the surface needs to easily release that cake when completed. A non-stick spray is an easy choice. But, it is better to evenly coat the pan and can just before pouring in the batter. This concept keeps the non-stick spray from pooling. Although some bakers use shortening or other coating methods, the spray is simple, which coincides with the overall idea of the soup can baking hack.

Lastly, the baking time might change with the soup can center. Since metal is a conductor, the cake's center might cook more quickly. Careful monitoring during baking will ensure that the final result is the best it can be.

More Than One Way To Use A Soup Can In A Cake

Bundt cake with lemons and blueberries
Bundt cake with lemons and blueberries - AtlasStudio/Shutterstock

While the soup can hack will turn a round pan into a Bundt pan, it's not the only way to use soup in baking. For example, the old-fashioned tomato soup spice cake is an idea that has been used for decades. Whether people are curious about the concept of a Depression era "Wacky Cake" or just want to enjoy the moist, tender crumb that results from using tomato soup, it's a recipe worthy of trying. Even though some tomato soup cake recipes show a stacked cake, it can easily be swapped for a Bundt cake. Plus, using the soup means that there will be an empty can available to transform that round pan into a Bundt pan.

Although the dual soup concept might slice an interesting conversation around the dessert table, it's not the only Bundt cake recipe that's simple and easy to master. For example, a 7-Up cake transforms a classic batter into a light, airy texture, and can also provide a can to use for your make-shift Bundt pan. From pudding cakes to traditional coffee cakes, Bundt recipe options are abundant.

Even though layered, decorated cakes are head-turners with their impeccable frostings, Bundt cakes are a dessert that appeals with their homemade qualities. Whether it's simply dusted in sugar or covered in a fancy poured ganache -- thanks to a soup can -- you can always bake your best bundt cake even if you don't have a bundt pan.

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