Sophie Robinson's blue & yellow guest bedroom is a delight

a bedroom with a bed and a dresser
How to bring maximalist style to a small bedroomBrent Darby / House Beautiful

Whether your tiny bedroom is for guests or for you, there are some simple ways to infuse its petite proportions with a sense of uniqueness. A maximalist at heart, I rarely like to rein it in, but in our guest bedroom, which measures just three by three metres, I’ve restricted the colour palette to two core shades, blue and yellow, making it feel less visually cluttered.

While some people might advocate a soft tonal palette to help small rooms feel bigger, I believe in the power of pattern. A wallpaper with an intricate design, such as this delicate Daisy Trellis pattern from my collection with Harlequin, will lend depth and charm when carried out across all four walls.

There are other visual tricks you can apply to help create a feeling of space. A bed on legs, so you can see the carpet underneath, creates the illusion of more floor area. And a neat Roman blind at the window, rather than heavy curtains, allows more of the wall to be seen and maximises the flow of natural light.

a blue and white chair
Brent Darby / House Beautiful

Efficient storage is paramount too; piles of clothes and clutter will create a cramped and claustrophobic atmosphere. Fitted wardrobes make the most use of space, but an easy fix is a row of hooks on the wall or the back of the door to keep things off the floor.

a bedroom with a bed and a dresser
Brent Darby / House Beautiful

Lastly, elevate the mood of the room with a few luxurious touches. Set the scene with super-soft bedlinen layered with coordinating cushions and throws. This yellow headboard brings impact to the back wall of the room, while the yellow-painted window frame draws the eye to the view. A small room doesn’t need too many focal points competing for attention, so keep other decorative elements, such as artwork and statement lighting, to a minimum. Compact spaces require an exercise in restraint, something that doesn’t come naturally to me, but in this case a little goes a long way.

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