Soon-To-Be World's 'Fastest Car' Heading For Sale In 2023

A car that looks like it belongs on the streets of Gotham is set to be the fastest in the world. New Zealand automaker Rodin has just unveiled its plans for 'FZERO', a hypercar that is set to be unmatched by any other on the time charts, according to the firm. Its name, FZERO, is a play on the fact that David Dicker, the founder of the company, had set out to build a car faster than Formula One automobiles. The FZERO is said to be unbounded by road regulations or racing regulations. It will be meant solely for use on the track and will not be used as a championship car. The car will be made entirely from carbon fibre and weigh just 1,539 pounds - 220 pounds lighter than F1's current cars for this season. Under the hood rests a four-liter V10 twin-turbo engine weighing just 291 pounds, making it the lightest in the game. The engine is built in-house at Rodin and can go up to 986 brake horsepower and a top speed of upwards of 224 miles per hour. It will have a closed cockpit, and its aerodynamic front claw-like wings and floor will help it achieve an impressive 9,000 pounds of downforce. The motor is currently estimated to cost £1.85 million (US$2.18m). Only 27 will be available for purchase by the summer of 2023.