Sonam Kapoor had tears in her eyes at Dior's India show

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Sonam Kapoor had tears in her eyes at Dior's showINDRANIL MUKHERJEE - Getty Images

Last week, Dior hosted its pre-autumn/winter 2023 show at the Gateway of India monument in Mumbai, which was a huge celebration of Indian craftsmanship and culture, and a moment that was emotional for many, including Indian actress Sonam Kapoor, who said that she has "tears in her eyes" when she was watching the show.

"The fact that Dior decided to present their show here is phenomenal," she said, after taking in the beautiful collection from the front row. "It was overwhelming. I had tears in my eyes because of the music, and seeing so many Indian models wearing clothes that were inspired by India."

india france fashion dior

Kapoor was not just at the show, but she also had the opportunity to meet some of the artisans and artists who worked on the collection and on the artwork presented in the show space.

In a behind-the-scenes video of her experience in Mumbai, Kapoor tries out block printing (one of the oldest surviving crafts in the country), and also takes an opportunity to look at some of the work up close. One of the lace dresses had taken at least 4,500 hours to create by hand, which is over a month in the studio.

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Kapoor also viewed some of the artwork that had been commissioned by Dior. Over 350 people worked on each piece, and it had been created over thousands and thousands of hours. "There are so many varieties of craft and embroideries in Indian culture, which have been incorporated into the artwork. They have taken inspiration from the Indian villages and celebrated that."

Dior worked closely with Chanakya on the collection and show space, a Mumbai-based atelier and craftsmanship school for women, which they have worked with several times.

A celebration of sisterhood, as well as Indian craft and culture, there is little wonder that this powerful show and collection had such an impact on Kapoor.

dior india show
dior india show

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