What Is Something That Surprised You When It Comes To Aging — At Any Point In Your Life?

Getting older is a funny thing. It's happening to all of us at all times although we're not usually thinking about it. But every now and then, something happens that causes you to take a step back and say, woah.

So I want to know, what are the misconceptions you've had around aging? What are the moments that have surprised you about the whole process?

Personally, I always imagined there would be some magic cut-off where I'd become a real adult and stop asking my parents how to do everything. But at the age of 31, I still text them constantly with the most mundane questions.

A man saying he's going to call his mom
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Oh, and it just recently dawned on me that I'm turning 32, the same age my mother was when she gave birth to me 🤯, only she always appeared to be so much more "grown-up" than I will ever be.

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore sitting on the couch
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Maybe you assumed you would have to stop some active hobbies as you age, but at 65, you're still very much competing in an adult softball league and biking 30 miles per day.

A man biking towards a city
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Or perhaps the whole concept of aging threw you for a loop when you realized your favorite professional athlete is still younger than you are, even though he's considered "ancient" for his career.

Lebron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Whatever your misconceptions about aging, I want to hear about them. Tell me about the things that surprised you most, the realizations that rocked you, and the thoughts that threw you for a loop. Your responses could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. And if you prefer to stay anonymous, please feel free to share in this Google Form.