Need something to look forward to? These winter escapes offer all the magic of the chilliest season

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Although we love a good summer getaway, there's nothing quite like embracing the cold on a winter holiday. That's why we've rounded up the best winter holidays to book now, for snowy adventures and festive fun you can enjoy in a few months.


There are countless ways to explore and appreciate the landscapes of Europe while they're covered in a blanket of thick white snow. Whether you've always dreamed of gliding through the powdery snow on an iconic Swiss train or discovering the rugged landscapes of Transylvania, these winter holidays offer the sub-zero temperatures and breathtaking scenery that make the season so special.

If a winter city break is more your style, you'll be spoilt for choice too. Some of Europe's most culture-packed cities are delightful in the weeks leading up to Christmas, with lovely festive markets where you can shop for unique gifts as the sweet scents of gingerbread and roasted nuts fill the air.

If you're looking for Christmas holidays in the snow for the whole family, how about a trip to the idyllic Swedish Lapland? Younger members of the family will get the chance to meet Father Christmas himself in a magical winter wonderland, making for a truly unforgettable festive holiday.

Here are the best winter holidays to book right now.

Experience the magic of the Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express

A fabulous wintery getaway in the Swiss Alps comes with Prima's five-day Swiss holiday which includes a day on board the Glacier Express. This historic train line has been running since 1930 and now boasts modern carriages with panoramic views of the snow-covered Alps.

On our trip you'll enjoy a three-course lunch on board as the train ascends into the mountains, travelling through the dramatic Oberalp Pass. This trip also gives you the chance to explore the Swiss capital, Bern, and cruise across the pretty lakes of Thun and Lucerne.


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Courtesy Glacier Express

Visit the best Christmas markets along the Rhine

Nothing quite gets you in the yuletide spirit like a visit to a Christmas market. A pre-Christmas holiday in the snow to tour some of these markets is the perfect way to get your gift shopping off to a start, while soaking in the wonderfully festive atmosphere in some of Europe's prettiest cities.

Join Prima's five-day cruise along the Rhine to see some of the best markets on its banks. You'll see the historic markets in Mainz, the towering Christmas tree in Frankfurt, and the colourfully-lit windows of the baroque town hall in Koblenz. Make sure to pick up some traditional treats like mulled wine, roast almonds and spiced cider as you browse.


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Sleep in Transylvania’s Ice Hotel and explore medieval towns

The rugged landscapes of Romania's Fagaras Mountains make a wonderful destination for a winter holiday. These mountains in Transylvania are beautiful during winter, with landscapes blanketed in pristine snow, thick spruce forests and towering peaks dotted with neo-renaissance castles.

Prima is offering a unique snowy adventure in Transylvania where you'll stay at the Hotel of Ice, which is freshly carved each winter from ice blocks taken from a glacial lake. While staying here, you can get your adrenaline pumping with snow sports like snow rafting or Tunnel Trekking, or simply relax with a hot drink and take in the scenery.


bran castle in winter with snow and bucegi mountainsmore pictures with draculas bran castle in my portfolio
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Attend a special New Year’s Concert and stay in Amsterdam

If you're planning a trip for the New Year, rather than around Christmas, we've got good news. There's another very special chance to enjoy a lively night of music with André Rieu in January, on our exclusive trip to Amsterdam. This festive New Year's concert will have you celebrating the start of 2025 in style, as the Waltz King performs in his home country.

You will also have free time to explore the museums, cafés and cultural attractions of vibrant Amsterdam. This welcoming city is especially pretty in winter, with icy canals and twinkling lights making it look like something straight out of a fairytale


bridge, boats and building cover by snow fall in amsterdam, netherlands
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Spot the Northern Lights on an expedition cruise of Norway

Seeing the otherworldly Northern Lights dance across the night sky is perhaps one of the most incredible experiences you can enjoy on a winter holiday. Join Prima's winter voyage on an expedition ship through Norway’s majestic fjords and up past the Arctic Circle and you'll have a great chance of catching the Aurora, as well as seeing the highlights of Norway's spectacular coastline.

From exploring the Unesco-listed port of Bergen, the city of Tromsø and the ancient Viking trading post of Trondheim, there's so much on offer in Norway to make it a dream winter holiday destination.


aurora borealis dancing over tromso urban skyline tromso panorama and winter night landscape with northern lights aurora polaris on a cold night, with starry sky, polar lights and snowcapped mountains on kvaloya island in the background cityscape with brightly street light of the arctic capital, northern norway
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See Maastricht in winter and enjoy a festive concert

The best winter holidays often come with a dose of culture. Prima is offering a very special Christmassy trip to Maastricht, where you'll enjoy an unforgettable night of music with the 'Waltz King' André Rieu and his orchestra.

You can choose to stay in either Amsterdam or Brussels, both of which are beautiful in winter, and will have free time to explore Maastricht before the concert. Wandering between the quaint rows of shops and cafés that line the snow-dusted cobbled streets is sure to put you in the festive spirit.


winter view of the famous dutch sint servaas bridge with lights in the city center of maastricht
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Visit Santa's village in Swedish Lapland

If you're planning a festive getaway for the whole family, it's hard to beat Swedish Lapland, where youngsters can visit Santa's Village and take part in a whole range of unforgettable Christmassy activities.

Prima is offering a special day trip to Swedish Lapland which includes a visit to Santa's log cabin. Make sure the little ones have their Christmas list ready, as Santa will be waiting to greet them personally. There's also plenty for the whole family to look forward to, like a snowmobile ride through the frozen wilderness and a husky sled ride through the Lappish countryside.


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Stay on Lake Como and ride the iconic Bernina Railway

When it comes to snow holidays in Europe, it doesn't get much more magical than a trip to the Swiss Alps. Spectacular at any time of year, in the winter these landscapes will be covered in a thick blanket of snow, dotted with frozen lakes and frosty spruce forests twinkling in the winter sun.

You can take in the beauty of the Swiss Alps on a day trip to St. Moritz on the Bernina Express as part of Prima's eight-day tour of Italy and Switzerland. This exceptional train ride traverses the highest railway line in the Alps, offering stunning views from its spacious, panoramic carriages.


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