Something borrowed? No problem! Bride wears same wedding dress as mother AND grandmother for her big day

Lucy Popovic, 31, ties the knot in grandmother's wedding dress first worn in 1950 that cost six guineas

It's one of the traditions most brides adhere to on their big day - finding that 'something borrowed.'

And one bride had no problem finding hers, after choosing to get married in the same wedding dress worn by both her mother AND grandmother.

Lucy Popovic, 31, tied the knot in the same off-white dress her grandmother Mel first wore back in 1950.

Mel initially bought the flowing white gown for six guineas - the equivalent of around £6.50 today - when she married Ian Calder in South Kensington, London.

She then passed the dress onto daughter Penny in 1974, for her nuptials to Henry Dafforn in Hampton Court, Surrey.

And Mel's granddaughter Lucy decided to continue the family tradition, wearing the dress for her marriage to her Australian partner, Mark Popovic. 35.

Despite its numerous wears, the dress didn't take much sprucing up for its third time down the aisle - with the family giving it a clean with a homemade mixture of aspirin and white vinegar.

Lucy's mum Penny, 59, said: "I found the dress looking rather grubby.

"I researched stain removal for silk on the internet, and after several crushed aspirin and white vinegar stain removals, it looked perfect on Lucy."

Speaking about her 'something borrowed,' Lucy revealed: "I felt really lucky to be able to wear the same dress that both my mum and grandma had worn.

"The dress you get married in holds such special memories and it was really lovely to wear a dress with so much family history.

"I had always thought the dress was beautiful and hoped that one day I would get to wear it."

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As well as donning the same wedding dress, Lucy also chose to hold her nuptials on her grandparents' 62nd wedding anniversary.

As well as wearing the same wedding dress as her grandmother and mother, Lucy also chose to get married on her grandparent’s 62nd wedding anniversary.

Lucy said: "It had extra significance to be able to share it with them and it will be something we will always treasure.

"My grandparents have had such a long and happy marriage and we hope we will be celebrating both wedding anniversaries for many years to come."

Lucy, from Solva in Pembrokeshire, Wales moved to Australia seven years ago to live with her partner Mark, 35, but flew back to her home town for her seaside wedding in June.

Despite wanting to stick with tradition on her wedding day, Lucy said it was lucky the dress even fitted her - seeing as she only tried it on just WEEKS before the date.

"It was a quite nerve racking time because we only got back to Wales a couple of weeks before the wedding and I hadn't tried the dress on for about ten years, so we weren't a 100 per cent sure that it would fit," she revealed.

"It was obviously meant to be because it fitted perfectly. It's pretty amazing that the three of us were all the same size. The dress needed a new zip and some of the hems re-sowed."