Solo traveller spends under £50 on flights to three countries

Sabina Trojanova, 29, a content creator from east London, booked flights to Ireland, France and Spain for under £50.

Video transcript

- This week I took three cheapest flights abroad in a row to see where I'd end up, and I've made it to my final place. To recap, I first got a 12 pound flight from London to Dublin and spent two nights there. Then I got a 20 euro flight from Dublin to Marseilles. There were some cheaper flights to Ireland and back to the UK, but I made not repeating countries a rule to make the trip more exciting. And now I've made it to my final destination with a 16 pound flight to an island that's been inhabited since 7,000 BC. It's Mallorca in Spain.

I took the cheapest flight to anywhere three times in a row this week, and here's exactly how I did it. First of all, I set some ground rules. Number one, no repeating countries. Number two, spending two nights in each place. Number three, only spending 200 pounds per destination. I got loads of questions about how I booked flights, but to be honest, it was really simple.

Personally I used the app which lets you choose anywhere as your destination, and then I sorted the results by cheapest. That's it. Oh, and I always book the night before just so I'd know if I had to get up for a super early flight. So with my rules, I'd be flying to Milan tomorrow, but instead I'm flying home but not for long because I'm going to Argentina for three months on Friday. I'm so excited.

The other question I got a lot was about accommodation and was it super expensive last minute. Like I said, I had a 200 pounds spending limit per destination including flights and accommodation, so I mainly stayed in hostels paying about 35 to 50 pounds per night, and I've been super impressed. Like the one I'm at right now literally has a rooftop pool. I have done a full budget breakdown for each destination, so let me know if you'd like me to do a separate video about that.

Now, I want to mention a few caveats. First of all, I am an EU citizen and privileged with a very strong passport. Second, this is much more feasible in Europe than in other continents. And finally, flying is obviously not the most eco-friendly mode of transport. We can talk more about that in another video, so let me know if you'd like that. Overall, this has been such a fun solo travel adventure, super budget friendly, and I would totally recommend it.