Sole Mate: Jimmy Choo’s sparkling Cinderella shoes

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A glittery high-heeled Jimmy Choo shoe on a reflective surface, styled by Miako Katoh and photographed by Jeffrey Westbrook
These limited edition, crystal-encrusted Jimmy Choos are a fairytale come true.

Who needs Prince Charming when you can find your own happily-ever-after with a shoe?

Meet Jimmy Choo’s most magical creation yet (an impossible-to-imagine feat, given that all of the British brand’s shoes could be considered works of art): the “Crystal Slipper.” Inspired by Cinderella’s iconic glass slippers, Choo’s new take gives the famous fairy-tale pair an elegant run for its money.

The heels are dripping — literally dripping, right down to the upper soles — in iridescent sparkles, expertly hand-finished with 12,938 individually applied Swarovski crystals (including heart-shaped clusters dangling from their pointy toes).

While the silhouette references 18th-century rococo court shoes, an eye-popping amount of razzle-dazzle makes these modern-day beauties perfect for everything from a bride’s special day to a romantic night on the town (sans the curfew and pumpkin carriage, of course). But there’s certainly no need to wait for a date to the ball to snap up a pair. These magical, sparkling slippers are ideal for treating your inner princess.

Jimmy Choo Crystal Slipper

Courtesy of Jimmy Choo
Courtesy of Jimmy Choo


Who can forget, after all, that famous “Sex and the City” episode when our favorite shoegal, Carrie Bradshaw, registered for a pair of silver D’Orsay Manolo Blahnik stilettos to celebrate her solo self? (Bradshaw’s empowered move sparked a trend of toasting oneself with fabulous footwear.)

We’re sure that after one glance at these limited-edition twinkle toes (only 72 pairs exist in the United States), fellow festive shoe obsessives will be clamoring to secure a pair before the clock strikes midnight. Slip into them and fall head over heels in love. Bibbidi bobbidi Choo!