Social media influencers are now cashing in on their wedding day

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Influencers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau charged fans to watch them tie the knot [Photo: Getty]
Influencers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau charged fans to watch them tie the knot [Photo: Getty]

Gone are the days of getting a family friend to tape your wedding day with an old school camcorder, as influencer power couples are now charging fans to watch them tie the knot.

YouTube stars, Jake Paul, 22, and Tana Mongeau, 21, boast over 25 million subscribers between them. Taking full advantage of their audience, the couple said “I do” over the weekend and live-streamed the Las Vegas affair via app Halogen.

But not all fans could watch the ceremony unfold, as the newlyweds charged $49.99 (approximately £41) for followers to watch them exchange vows.

The money-making move sparked widespread criticism online with Twitter users mocking an advertisement which dubbed their nuptials “the wedding of the century”.

“The royal wedding was free, like come on Tana,” one wrote.

While another added: “I’m honestly shook that Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are charging $50 (what the couple described as ‘FOMO pricing’) to watch a live stream of their wedding. Who does that?”

The couple announced their engagement in June after two months of dating -leading a number of fans to speculate that the affair was in a bid to promote Mongeau’s forthcoming reality television show.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau celebrated their nuptials at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas [Photo: Getty]
Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau celebrated their nuptials at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas [Photo: Getty]

“I think Tana and Jake have reached Kardashian levels of ridiculousness, where nothing even shocks me anymore,” YouTuber, Jack Edwards, told GQ magazine.

“Their YouTube channels are founded on shock factor and this is just another episode of the reality TV show that is their everyday lives. Charging $49.99 is so crazy it almost doesn’t seem crazy anymore - it’s like we’re desensitised to how awful it is that it’s just funny.”

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Though they aren’t the only influencer couple to cash in on their big day.

Last month, Instagram star, Marissa Fuchs, was proposed to by her fiancé Gabriel Grossman in a ‘surprise’ engagement.

Over the next two days, the couple shared several Instagram Stories, racking up 45 minutes of footage in total, with their combined 201,000 followers.

In a bid to keep keep their followers engaged, Fuchs embarked upon a 48-hour trip which saw her flock from New York and Miami to Paris - collecting expensive jewels and eating in expensive restaurants along the way.

But it turned out to be a well-planned marketing stunt after The Atlantic reported that a pitch deck had been sent out to several brands in the hopes that they would sponsor the engagement in exchange for exposure.

“We’re pleased to offer your brand the opportunity to align with this momentous occasion and the beautiful cities [Fuchs] will be visiting along the way,” the business proposition read.

While British wedding photography firm, Betrothed & Co, recently called out a social media influencer for requesting an hour-long wedding video and 1,000 photographs of the big day in exchange for promotion and “Instagram Story shout outs”.

According to the UK Bloggers Survey 2019, British Instagram influencers can now charge between £100 to £200 per sponsored post.

While those with a higher number of followers can charged up to £1,000 for their content with 2% of the nation’s most famous influencers looking for more than £1,000 per image.

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