SNL Helps Out Fasting Muslims With ‘Ozempic for Ramadan’ — Watch

Having trouble fasting for Ramadan? SNL has a solution… and it might sound familiar.

This week’s Saturday Night Live featured a fake ad for a new prescription targeting the Arab American community: Ozempic for Ramadan, which helps curb the hunger pangs of Muslims who have to fast from sunrise to sunset for a whole month. “I used to rush to eat a whole meal for dawn,” host Ramy Youssef explains. “But now? I just grab my prayer beads and my Ozempic needle. As long as I shoot up before the sun rises, it’s halal.”

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A Muslim street cart chef played by Kenan Thompson explains that using Ozempic for Ramadan allows him to resist the temptations of his own delicious grilled meats: “Now I don’t even get hangry when white women ask if I have salmon!” The side effects may include “going straight to hell,” though, a narrator warns.

Ozempic for Ramadan “has all the miraculous hunger-crushing ingredients that regular Ozempic has, but without any pork,” the narrator adds. And if you think this is just the same Ozempic rebranded to appeal to Muslims, “that’s Islamophobic.”

Watch the full sketch above, then grade this week’s SNL hosted by Youssef and featuring musical guest Travis Scott.

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