Take a sneak peek at the Bridgerton garden at Chelsea Flower Show

bridgerton garden chelsea flower show
Experience Bridgerton at Chelsea Flower ShowGood Housekeeping

Netflix has announced its debut at RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year with its new Bridgerton themed garden, designed by first-time Chelsea designer Holly Johnston.

The Bridgerton Garden is based on the story of Penelope Featherington, a wall-flower character who is at the forefront of the third series of Bridgerton, which started last week on May 16.

The planting of the garden reflects themes of secrecy and seclusion, as well as personal growth and blossoming, based on Penelope's storyline in season three of Bridgerton.

The Bridgerton garden was also crowned a silver medalist in the Sanctuary Garden category as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show judges announced the winners today (21 May).

The story of Penelope

bridgerton garden chelsea flower show
Holly Johnston Garden Visuals.

Holly Johnston revealed to us why she was so keen to share Penelope's story through her garden at Chelsea this year.

"I've always really liked the complexity of Penelope. There's element of dark and light within her and we've seen her often being overlooked by other characters."

"So it was really important to me to bring to light a story of a woman who was often overlooked and deemed as inconsequential to many, but still had so much to say."

"This garden is not just Penelope's story, but it's also a story of finding your confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. It's also about reconciling b0th parts of you and being ok with that. To me, that's a very worthy message to bring to life, especially to young women."

How is the garden designed?

bridgerton garden chelsea flower show
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Based on the character's personal journey in the new season, the Bridgerton garden is split into two, with one side being more shaded, which alludes to themes of mystery, turmoil and defiance.

The other side of garden uses a brighter colour palette using sophisticated plants, representing Penelope's journey to becoming her true self in this series.

To show the wonderful story through her garden design, one of the main elements of the garden is the moon gate.

This circular opening in the garden acts as a pedestrian passageway and will make visitors feel like they're immediately stepping into the world of Penelope.

As you walk through the moon gate, you see an ornate garden feature and sunken seated area in the heart of the garden.

To display the two sides of the main character, Holly has shared with us the collection of beautiful plants and flowers she has used in her whimsical design.

"To really give that secret and secluded garden appeal, the space is not going to look perfect and the plants are not going to be perfectly framed, as that wouldn't represent her character and her journey."

"Along the right hand-side of the garden, it will all be shade planting. Mixed in with some inspiration from my homeland New Zealand, I will use a mixture of ground covers, ferns, grasses, hostas, and runners."

"I will also use lots of ivy, as I think it's a very charming plant and is perfect for describing how Penelope holds lots of secrets."

"On the brighter side, we've got a range of flowers which uses shades of pinks, violets and soft blues to show that full bloom effect."

"The plants include everything from shrub roses and irises, which harkens the Bridgerton theme. Along with stand-out plants such as Ulmus Minor var. Suberosa, which will be placed around the seating area."

How has sustainability been incorporated into the design?

bridgerton garden chelsea flower show
Good Housekeeping

With urban regeneration and water saving management as some of the key Chelsea Flower Show trends this year, Holly has incorporated sustainable materials and upcycling in her design.

The design will use dry stone walls which will provide important habitats for many plants and animals, particularly for lichens, mosses, ferns, and a number of invertebrates.

"From a visual point, we've used beautiful reclaimed items including the water fountain which takes centre stage in the design, and we've built stone plinth, boulders, and sunken drystone with salvaged materials."

"The gravel in the garden will also be from a previous garden, so that's completely up cycled and we will be doing that with most of the materials."

"Not to forget we will be using eco-crete and cem-free cement, which will dramatically reduce the waste of cement too."

With the garden yet to announce its location after Chelsea Flower Show, Holly confirms the garden will be re-homed in an exciting new spot post-event.

How to recreate the Bridgerton garden at home

bridgerton garden chelsea flower show
Good Housekeeping

RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a week of wonderful gardening inspiration and can spur many of us on to become more green-fingered. If you love the enchanting feel of the Bridgerton garden, Holly reveals how to recreate a similar look.

"I think people can take inspiration from the garden in a few ways, particularly with shady planting. I think you just have to embrace it and you can use beautiful evergreen shrubs that can really hold their own throughout harsher weather, such as brunnera macrophylla."

"The trick is with small spaces is to introduce verticality. My idea would be to get plants that can climb up a pergola, fences or walls. This can be anything from wisteria to climbing roses."

Bridgerton has returned to Netflix for a steamy, two-part season 3 in May & June 2024. Part 1 launched on May 16, 2024, & Part 2 will launch on June 13, 2024.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is running this year from Tuesday, 21 May to Saturday, 25 May at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. If you want to find out any more information on the event, we've got everything you need to know about the event HERE

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