Snapple Is Celebrating The Solar Eclipse With A Brand New Juice Flavor

Snapple Elements Sun drink
Snapple Elements Sun drink - Snapple

Skywatchers rejoice -- a total solar eclipse is passing through North America on Monday, April 8. Solar eclipses occur when sunlight is obscured by the moon, darkening the sky to an eerie twilight as stars and planets become visible to the naked eye. The forthcoming eclipse is the last total solar eclipse until 2044, and seeing that it's such a rare event, Snapple is celebrating this blip in time-space with a new juice flavor aptly named Elements Sun, according to an announcement shared with Daily Meal.

Made with juice concentrates including orange, pear, and carrot, plus acerola fruit extracts and other natural flavors derived from easy-to-eat starfruit and nectarines, the orange beverage flaunts an aesthetic that evokes the color of the sun. The 16-ounce drink is vegan and perfect for gluten-free eaters and drinkers, making it a safe choice for those with dietary restrictions and preferences. As for where to purchase it, the Snapple website provides customers with a handy tool for locating local retailers selling the Elements Sun drink. The orange juice drink is just one of the many beverages in Snapple's Elements line, but it appears to be the only one timed for enjoyment during April's solar eclipse.

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Snapple Solar Speakeasy In New York City

Snapple Solar Speakeasy logo
Snapple Solar Speakeasy logo - Snapple

In addition to launching the Elements Sun juice drink, Snapple is hosting a Solar Speakeasy pop-up party at the Lavan events space in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, not far from the Hudson River. The pop-up event kicks off at 1:30 p.m. on April 8, the day of the solar eclipse.

Snapple fans can expect to enjoy the brand-new Elements Sun drink in tandem with the eclipse. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the solar phenomena as eclipse-themed projections play on the walls and ceiling throughout the event space, making for a safe and captivating viewing alternative that doesn't require the necessary protection of solar eclipse sunglasses.

Those who make the trip will have to shuffle through a "Snapple Mmmarket" to a hidden area stocked with Elements Sun and 32 other Snapple beverages. Whether sipped from the Snapple Solar Speakeasy or anywhere along the path of totality, Snapple's Elements Sun seems tailor-made for the solar eclipse.

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